Scott Pruitt Says Climate Change Is Real, Not Really An Existential Threat

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said Tuesday that humans are causing climate change “in some ways,” but it’s hard to tell if a changing climate is an existential threat.

“We know the climate’s always changing. We know that humans contribute to it in some way,” Pruitt said on Fox News, responding to questions about what is driving Hurricanes like Irma and Harvey.

Pruitt was instrumental in convincing President Donald Trump to leave the Paris climate agreement in June.

“To what degree, to measure that [contribution] with precision is very difficult, but we don’t know is, are we in a situation where it’s an existential threat,” Pruitt said. One of the best ways to determine the severity of climate change, he added, is to separate scientists into Red Teams and Blue Teams and have them discuss the issue at length.

He suggested a similar idea earlier this year. Such exercises are used by the military and intelligence agencies to expose any vulnerabilities to systems or strategies. Skeptics say it would give needed balance to climate science, which has been taken over by activist gatekeepers.

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    Spineless equivocation on this issue is like carrying an empty gun. Pruitt needs to do his job or quit.

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