The Skeptics Handbook

Skeptics Handbook
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“The science has changed since 2003‚Ä≥

This booklet has captured attention around the world.

Donors have paid for over 160,000 copies so far in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and soon in Germany. Over 60,000 copies have been downloaded from this site (and countless others from copies on other sites.) Plus volunteers have translated it into German, French, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Portuguese, Danish, Japanese, Balkan, Spanish, Thai, Czech, Lao and Italian. The second Skeptics Handbook is available in French and Turkish.  (Versions in Dutch, and possibly Italian are on the way). Updates are placed here, along with translations, as well as places to read comments and links to the web pages where each part of the handbook will be discussed.

I confess this page is not always up to date. For the latest list of all translations: See all posts tagged Translations.

The second Skeptics Handbook “Global Bullies Want Your Money” is out!

For information see it’s announcement.

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Two free, colorful and concise booklets live here

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