Climate Science Primer: Curious Anomalies in Climate Science



Perusal of “obvious” evidence and “scientists’ reports” converted many people from being sceptical of Anthropogenic Global Warming, to believing it was true – this happened to me, watching Al Gore’s film. However, further perusal of “neglected” or “suppressed” evidence leads to a U-turn back to an informed scepticism. “Climategate”, the public exposure of emails confirming suspected malpractices in key areas of Climate Science, and the whitewash “reviews”, occurred after I first wrote this, and amplified the public disillusion with the official science. My Primer is a pretty unique “confessions of an ex-warmist” aimed at intelligent non-scientists as well as scientists from other disciplines, not too long/erudite nor too short/simplistic.

This is a personal story of awakening, as well as a primer in Climate Science. It is not officially “peer-reviewed”, but it has had excellent unofficial peer-reviewing from both supporters and critics. It works from a lot of muddy, confusing evidence, to gain clarity in the science, so that effectively one becomes a scientist as one progresses with reading this and thinking about it. Thus you can reach your own informed conclusions about the science as well as the politics. You are protected from hitting a brick wall of technical language, or paywalls, or contradictory reports without clues. It is vital to grasp the scientific basics, to see where orthodoxy fails on science that has been taken for granted and trusted. Checking contradictory sources, and continuing to question evidence, is essential to discovering the truth. The primer is loaded with references; but no amount of good references is good enough for someone whose mind is already made up. Nobody is sponsoring me.

If you cannot trust evidence unless it comes from a top scientist with whom you cannot pull rank, watch Professor Carter show how CO2 is not causing Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW), parts one, two, three and four. This fairly short, fact-packed, crystal-clear science U-tube may be all you need. Back this up with more videos. Look at the evidence in Akasofu: Two Natural Components of the Recent Climate Change and Segalstad: Atmospheric CO2 and Global Warming (both large pdf files). Learn a overview of facts: Global Warming Science is a powerful resource: good science and good links. Discover IPCC’s scientific limitations with a top solar scientist. Study the 850 Peer-Reviewed Papers supporting scepticism of “Man-Made” Global Warming alarmism. Friendly for non-scientists is a simple introduction. Read the short but forthright Skeptics’ Handbook that clarifies the key issues for debate. An introduction similar to this one but written by a trained scientist, is Great Global Warming Hoax. Statisticians show the predicted hotspot is missing, though it is essential to the CAGW hypothesis. A brilliant amateur disproves the two basic CAGW hypotheses with Cause and Effect. The NIPCC is written by experts to match the contents, and beat the expertise, of IPCC itself. Here is a whole list of introductions. More exist. Read our quotes from top scientists that include Nobel laureates. Take your pick.  Nobody can truthfully say that scientists sceptical of manmade global warming are kooks or crooks, or simply in the pay of Big Exxxx, or that there is a consensus – as Al Gore claimed.

I have, throughout, tried to judge the science on its own merits, not by whether it has been peer-reviewed and supported by official science. This is an important point. There’s a lot of evidence that crucial work in Climate Science has been refused publication in peer-reviewed science literature, not because it’s bad science but because it challenges “authority” and vested interests. Climate Science is not the only area of science to have this problem. The time for debate in Science is never over. Important ideas always bubble up to be explored, long before formal studies. Often even the experts disagree. It is quite normal for important new work to be rubbished at first. Since climate sceptics have been shut out of mainstream publication and acceptance so extensively and crucially (as Climategate shows), they have turned to websites and blogs, to share more and more evidence that contradicts “manmade global warming”. If you have evidence to query or improve anything here – please contact me. I’ve done my best, but I’m still learning and I still make silly mistakes sometimes.

Now we’ll turn the clock back to before Climategate 17 Nov 2009, to tell my story.

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