Eco-warriors wanted an artificial reef but created a toxic dump

screencap via YouTube

Divers are removing hundreds of old tires and debris environmentalists dumped off the coast of Southern California 30 years ago to help create an artificial barrier reef.

Diving crews began cleaning up the mess earlier this month, according to the California Coastal Commission. Activist Rodolphe Streichenberger dumped the refuse in the bay in 1988 to establish an experimental, artificial reef – he fought for years to prevent its cleanup.

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Trump’s Struggle With The Ethanol Lobby Is Just Beginning

The ethanol lobby may have won this week’s political battle with President Donald Trump’s administration, but the war over the federal biofuel mandate is far from over.

The White House on Wednesday reportedly told Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials to stand down on making small changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) after political backlash from corn states.

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National Academies gear up their climate alarmism

The three US National Academies — of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine — are jointly upping their climate change activism. Collectively called NASEM, they are not satisfied with producing a steady stream of alarmist reports, videos and workshops.

They are now creating a central organization to actively push the alarmist message. It is called the Climate Communications Initiative or CCI.

CCI already has its own website, where we are informed that an Advisory Committee and Strategic Plan are in the works. In short, this is going to be a full-blown, activist NASEM organization.

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The Volkswagen Emissions Scandal And The Bureaucratic Pursuit Of Power

Never let a crisis go to waste, say the politicos, a stance adapted for its purposes by the permanent regulatory bureaucracy: Never let a corporate scandal go to waste.

That is what comes to mind as we behold the investigations and regulatory stances following in the wake of the Volkswagen emissions scandal that emerged in 2015, a truly brazen act of business malfeasance that will cost VW at least $15 billion in fines and other costs.

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Thermal Engineer Claims Supernova Theory Explains Global Warming, Extinction Events, Ice Ages

Do Supernova Events Cause Extreme Climate Changes?

“Global warming will not be reduced by reducing man-made CO2 emissions” — Dr. William Sokeland

In recent years, mass die-offs of large animals – like the sudden deaths of 211,000 endangered antelopes within a matter of weeks – have been described as “mysterious” and remain largely unexplained.

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Politicians ‘shocked’ at the power crisis waiting in the Australian electricity grid

Did some politicians just wake up? The news today is that our Energy Minister may realize Australia is conducting a wild experiment with our electricity grid and may have managed to convince other Australian federal politicians of the risk.

Coalition MPs shocked by energy threat

The Australian: Robert Gottleibsen (even Gottleibsen gets it).

When Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg walked into the Coalition party room with his energy policy earlier this week he faced a sea of hostile faces. But they left the room shocked. At last, the government politicians understood that Australia faces a long-term blackout power crisis the like of which has never been seen in modern times.

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World’s First Offshore Wind Farm Retires: A Post-Mortem

There was worse to come. Halfway through the World Bank summit, a London think-tank published a report in which the bank’s former head of research suggested the entire institution be shut down. The document, distributed at the meeting, was produced by the Global Warming Policy Foundation with examples of how, in their view, the poor are losing out. Titled, “The Anti-Development Bank,” the paper was authored by economist Rupert Darwall, one-time advisor to the UK treasury. But it wasn’t the text that stung so much as some of the quotes. The Zimbabwean, 19 October 2017

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Climate Change: The Most Massive Scientific Fraud In Human History

Climate alarmism is a gigantic fraud: it only survives by suppressing dissent and by spending tens of billions of dollars of public money every year on pseudo-scientific propaganda.

Climate pseudo-science is wrong on physics, biology, meteorology, mathematics, computer sciences, and almost everything else. And even if the “climate science” were perfectly correct, climate alarmism politics would still be a tyranny and betrayal.

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Global Warming Hypocrites: Their Carbon Footprint Is OK, But Yours Must Be Eliminated

Jet-setting elitists

Scientists, identified as “conservation scientists” who presumably oppose human greenhouse gas emissions, have looked into their own lifestyles, as well as the lifestyles of other “conservation scientists,” and found that they are preaching one thing while practicing another.

“Most” of these scientists, the British Telegraph reports, “have a carbon footprint which is virtually no different to anyone else.” Those are the findings of a new study from Cambridge University published by researchers who were “were keen to find out whether being fully informed about global warming, plastic in the ocean or the environmental impact of eating meat, triggers more ethical behavior.”

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Hillary Clinton’s Awful Coal Remarks Could Sink Dems In Virginia’s Governor’s Race

We’re three weeks out from Virginia’s gubernatorial race and it’s been mostly relegated to the backburner thanks to the endless news that emanates from the Trump White House. It’s an off-year election, but it’s in D.C.’s backyard.

The state has increasingly become more bluish since the Bush years, albeit the state legislature is Republican. The House of Delegates, the lower chamber, is reliably Republican where they hold a supermajority.

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