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Dems chant ‘Trump-is-racist’ to distract from their failed green policies

Using cow dung for fuel and cooking

By now, nearly the entire world has heard reports that President Trump referred to the origins of some immigrants as “sh**hole countries.”

Democrats and their media allies spent an entire week castigating the president, calling him racist for using the salty language of Truman, Kennedy, Johnson and Hillary Clinton. Their faux outrage served to distract people from the ways Mr. Trump’s energy, deregulation and tax reform policies have rocketed the stock market to record highs a record number of times, created over two million jobs, slashed black and Hispanic unemployment, and increased US wealth by some $8 trillion since his inauguration.

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REPORT: New England Faces More Blackouts As Power Plants Close, Pipelines scuttled

New England is facing an energy future of “rolling blackouts and controlled outages” by 2025 as more power plants close down and pipeline capacity continues to lag behind.

The new report by the New England’s grid operator comes after the region suffered through a frigid start to the new year that pushed up prices and strained energy supplies. It could be just a taste of the region’s future.

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WaPo Calls Gas Tax Push A Potential Victory Against Global Warming

The Washington Post floated the ideas that increasing the federal gas tax could behave as a “rough” carbon tax designed to help fight global warming.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s half-hearted campaign to convince the Trump administration to impose higher gas taxes might benefit activists who want a carbon tax. The chamber believes increasing the tax will help pay for a nearly $1 trillion infrastructure proposal.

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Winning! Zinke draining the National Park swamp

A majority of the U.S. National Park Service’s advisory board resigned this week — citing Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s unwillingness to engage with them.

Nine of the panel’s 12 members — a bipartisan panel appointed by former President Barack Obama — signed off on a letter of resignation on Monday.

Alaska Gov. Tony Knowles said in the letter the board had “stood by waiting” to meet with Zinke all year after working “closely and productively through 2016” with Obama’s administration to the end of his presidency.

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How NOAA/NASA Doctored Temperature Data To Get Record Warm Years

The topic of how the US temperature record has been massively altered in recent years has been well covered by Tony Heller, myself, and others in the past.

Nevertheless, it is worth summarising again.

In 1999, James Hansen, Reto Ruedy, Jay Glascoe and Makiko Sato of GISS published a paper, “GISS analysis of surface temperature change”, which included this graph of the US temperature record at that time.

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Lib Media confirms: 2017 cooling proves global warming

What are you to do if you are a liberal journalist and you get the news that 2017 was actually cooler than the year before it, 2016?

You can’t write a headline that reads, “Earth getting cooler,” because the enviro-nuts will storm your offices with pitchforks, and Al Gore, the grand imam of the environmentalist doomsday cult, will issue a fatwa ordering that steps be taken to stop you from exhaling carbon dioxide.

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New Study Just Threw Cold Water On Worst-Case Global Warming Scenarios

A new study by a team of climatologists “all but rules out” the worst-case “doomsday” U.N. climate change scenarios, significantly narrowing the range of the possible temperature increases, while also eliminating the low-end predictions.

The study’s findings, said one leading expert, are “reassuring,” though scientists still warn that potentially “significant” changes are coming.

“Our study all but rules out very low and very high climate sensitivities,” University of Exeter’s Peter Cox, the study’s lead author, said.

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Natural Gas Power Plants Have Saved Ohioans Billions With More Being Built

The 27 natural gas power plants in various stages of development in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia would be equivalent to 105 million solar panels and 11,500 wind turbines.

Yet another natural gas-fired power plant is now operational in Ohio. Advanced Power recently announced that its 700 megawatt (MW) Carroll County Energy Center — located squarely in the heart of Utica Shale gas country  — is now up and running and powering the grid.

The announcement comes just five months after the Oregon Clean Energy Center went into operation in northwest Ohio, adding another 870MW to the grid.

Together, these two plants have brought $1.69 billion of investment into Ohio, created hundreds of jobs and now provide 1,570 MW of clean natural gas-fired electricity which has the capacity to power approximately 1.5 million homes.

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The green lobby’s energy obsession is harming the world’s poorest

Access to an abundance of clean water has been pivotal for the public health miracle that has taken place in rich countries.

The western world’s water supply infrastructures enable people to get the water they need to stay healthy and has undoubtedly played a big role in life expectancy shooting up in the last century.

But in the developing world, adequate water supply has completely fallen off the agenda. Instead, environmental health for poorer countries has come to mean the provisioning of some clean drinking water and latrines.

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This Media Narrative Didn’t Get A ‘Fake News Award,’ But Should Have

President Donald Trump presented his “Fake News Awards” on Wednesday night for 11 news stories that proved to be less than accurate, but there is one media narrative the White House left out.

For months, the media perpetuated a rumor the Trump administration would delete or take offline climate science data that was inconvenient to its agenda. That didn’t happen.

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