Satellites Show -1.2° C Temperature Drop Since Early 2016 As Scientists Project Low Solar Activity, Cooling In Coming Decades

The most recent Super El Ni√±o natural warming event exerted its maximum effect on surface temperature anomalies during the last few months of 2015 and the first few months of 2016.  Since then, surface temperatures over land have dramatically declined by about 1.2¬∞ C according to the RSS satellite dataset.

WoodForTrees graph:

Since September, the Greenland Ice Sheet surface mass balance has risen +100 Gt above the 1990-2013 average:

DMI graph source:

According to an increasing body of scientific evidence, short-term cooling and ice sheet growth trends like the ones shown above may soon become long-term trends in the coming decades.  As shown recently, there have already been 18 scientific papers published in 2016 indicating that periods with high solar activity (i.e., the 20th/21st century Modern Maximum, the 11th century Medieval Maximum) are associated with centennial-scale warming trends, and periods with low solar activity (the 13th to 19th century Little Ice Age) are associated with centennial-scale cooling trends.

Within the last year and a half, there have also been many other papers published in scientific journals indicating that the Earth’s Modern Grand Maximum of high solar activity (which lasted from the early- to mid-20th century to the early 21st century) has recently come to an end, and will soon be replaced by several decades of low solar activity and the concomitant decline in temperatures reaching levels not seen since the Little Ice Age.

Listed below are 10 recently-published scientific papers projecting solar activity minimums and “deep cooling” in the coming decades, especially beginning by about 2030.  These papers would appear to run counter to the viewpoint that the coming decades will be characterized by unprecedented global warming that is dangerous and irreversible unless humans reduce or eliminate their consumption of fossil-fuel energies.

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    Frank Gue


    I confidently predict that there will be climate change.


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      NO SHIT !

      Well, I can confidently predict that the price of gold will change.
      The DJIA will change.
      The average skirt hem length will change.
      Football scores will change.
      The amount of bird dung on national monuments will change.
      The composition of elected legislative bodies will change.
      The amount of residual cash in anyone’s wallet will change.


      How astounding !

      Name one thing that won’t change except the
      opinions and stupidity of the
      global warming alarmists.

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