Plummeting July 11 Temperatures In The U.S.

Prior to 1940, July 11 was a very hot day in the US, but July 11 temperatures have plummeted over the last 80 years.

On July 11, 1936, most of the eastern US was over 100 degrees, and 110-degree temperatures were recorded in West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and the Dakotas.

Compare vs. the official NOAA hottest year ever of 2016, which had very little hot weather outside the desert southwest.

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    Spurwing Plover


    Some of the chief sources of Hot Air comes from Enviromentalists,Liberal Demacrats,Liberal Celeberties,Enviromental Leaders and Foriegn Nationalists as well as the leftists NEA

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    Normally following a 2+ year El Nino which broke every temperature record along the way…you would see a drop in temps, a La Nina…with significantly lower temps…..yet month after month the temps are running in 2nd or 3rd place behind the EL NINO months..

    The Arctic :

    Satellite Record LOW ICE LEVEL in 2016 ! …which sadly, surpassed the Record Low Ice LEVEL set in 2015
    Antarctica :
    Satellite Record LOW ICE LEVEL in 2016 …and just announced a record low ice level for ANTARCTICA
    source: National Snow & Ice Data Center, December 2016
    1910 Glacier National Park became a national park to protect 150 Pristine Glaciers.
    150 pristine mountain glaciers when I visited in 1958.
    only 25 1/2 GLACIERS REMAIN in Montana’s Glacier National TODAY.
    ( I thought skeptics/deniers were predicting us to be knee deep in a new ice age by 2025 in 1 case, by 2030 from another. )
    (Does that sound like the 1970 oil & coal campaign to Push a tiny scientific minority view
    and, SELL millions of new furnaces as well.)

    Asian Media are in near panic mode, as their populations are able to watch with the naked eye,
    as Snow Packs and Glaciers visibly recede, year by year.
    THOSE SNOW PACKS & GLACIERS are their primary source of water for drinking & irrigating.

    The evidence for rapid climate change is compelling:
    Sea level rise :
    Global sea level rose about 17 centimeters (6.7 inches) in the last century.
    The rate of sea level rise in the last decade, however, has nearly DOUBLE
    that of the last century Global sea level .
    Global temperature rise :
    All three major global surface temperature reconstructions show that Earth has warmed dramatically since 1850 !

    Most of this warming has occurred since the 1970s…..16 of the 17 warmest years have occurred since 2000.
    Even though 2007-2009 witnessed a solar energy output decline (no sun spots) surface temperatures continue to increase.

    Warming oceans :
    The oceans have absorbed much of this increased heat, with the top 700 meters (about 2,300 feet) of ocean showing warming of 0.302 degrees Fahrenheit since 1969

    Shrinking ice sheets:
    The Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets have decreased in mass. Data from NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment show
    Greenland lost 150 to 250 cubic kilometers (36 to 60 cubic miles) of ice per year between 2002 and 2006, while Antarctica lost about
    152 cubic kilometers (36 cubic miles) of ice between 2002 and 2005. NSIDC declared that both the ARCTIC & Anarctica reached SATELLITE HISTORIC RECORD LOW ICE LEVELS 2016!

    *Declining Arctic sea ice :
    Both the extent & thickness of Arctic sea ice has declined rapidly over the last several decades Both the extent and thickness of Arctic sea ice has declined rapidly over the last several decades.
    The Nationla Snow & Ice Data Center reports The Arctic broke its HISTORIC Satellite Low Ice Level in 2016, which broke the last Artic Low Ice Level set in 2015,
    and continues a 40++ year Decline in ice levels

    *Glacial retreat :
    Glaciers are retreating almost everywhere around the world — including in the Alps, Himalayas, Andes, Rockies, Alaska and Africa.

    The disappearance of nearly ALL of the 150 Pristine Glaciers in Montana’s Glacier National Park since 1950’s when I was there !
    ( just 25 1/2 remain )

    Extreme events :
    The number of record high temperature events in the United States as around the world, has been increasing significantly,
    while the number of record low temperature events has been decreasing, since 1950.

    …as has been verified, independently around the world.
    (There has been NO world cold temperature records since 1909)
    ( Humans are NOW pumping 135 times more CO2 into our atmosphere than all of the Volcanoes on Earth, combined…every year ! )
    As PROJECTED BY Rudimentatry Computer models since 1965.
    (10 of the 15 BUSIEST hurricane seasons have occurred since 2000.
    (Flooding Rain events have Doubled)
    (Storm Events have doubled)
    (Storm Severity has nearly doubled)
    (The Strongest Hurricane ever, occurred just last year)
    (Heat Waves have doubled.)
    (Droughts have nearly doubled)
    (Square Miles of droughts have more than doubled)
    (3 SUPER Typhoons occurred on the Pacific, a 1st. & they appeared all at the same time)
    (The Strongest Hurricane ever recorded occurred in 2015)

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    RAKOOI’S BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS. Any and all submissions published, no questions asked.

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