New Documentary Exposes Dangerous Falsehoods of Climate Alarmism

grass greenerWhere the Grass is Greener: Biblical Stewardship vs. Climate Alarmism is a video documentary by the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation built from interviews with over 30 world-class scholars from the realms of physical science, economics, and ethics. The video marshals a host of facts about carbon dioxide’s effects on the planet—the good impacts far outweigh the bad. This fact alone is anathema to the climate catastrophists.

Where the Grass is Greener is especially useful to Christians who may have come, or soon will come, under the sway of such movements as “Creation Care.” It would be a valuable resource for all high school teachers, especially science teachers, and most especially those in Christian schools. It should also be shown in ecology and earth science classes in Christian universities. (I fear that secular universities are not open to receiving truthful information on this topic.)

A few of the basic scientific facts that apply to global warming are: (1) The sun’s activities drive global temperatures. (2) CO2 sustains life and has only a minor direct impact on warming. (3) Climate change swings have been huge in mankind’s historical past compared to potential effects from increased CO2 concentrations during the 21st century.

The video successfully argues that science is not about consensus, but rather about facts. The so-called 97 percent agreement among scientists that increasing CO2 levels are raising global temperatures is not a scientific proposition but, rather, a political statement.

The film spends a good deal of time explaining how government actions to decrease CO2 emissions greatly harm the poorest among us. In particular, the poor in underdeveloped nations are deprived of low-cost energy, particularly electricity, and thus condemned to shorter, more deprived lives. This fact alone should cause Christians to be wary of joining with climate catastrophists in their quixotic (and heavy-handed) quest to alter climate change.

In short, any person interested in the issue of climate change will find it time well-spent to watch Where the Grass is Greener and think seriously about its implications.