Latest From The California Permanent Drought.

Last year, climate experts, Democratic politicians, and the press announced the California Permanent Drought™.

California Braces for Unending Drought – The New York Times

Thanks El Niño, But California’s Drought Is Probably Forever | WIRED

Since then, California has had one of their wettest years on record.

The scientists, politicians, and journalists behind the climate change scam are complete morons, and have no clue what they are talking about.

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    Spurwing Plover


    We here in Siskiyou County just had some rain which has been a big big help in controling some fires in our area and Moonbeam Brown has been no help at all just continues to push this Global Warming/Climate change poppycock

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    Climate change fear mongering is a California distraction but has similarities to the California financial titanic created by politicians who can’t acknowledge they are wrecking the once great state .
    They can’t tax 4 million illegals who provide cheap labour so they go after big oil to collect more taxes through the back door .
    California politicians are sitting on massive pension deficit’s
    and city flame outs caused by short sighted socialists spending other people’s credit . Instead of doing something they create distractions like the earth has a fever and kids won’t know what rain is .
    Moonbeam will be gone just before this goes pear .

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