Is Sierra Club Funding Their Environmental Agenda Through Donations To Harvey Victims?

Total Army continues to assist in Harvey relief efforts. Photo: Texas National GuardAn environmental group is using Hurricane Harvey victims and misleading messaging to raise money for climate change activism.

The Sierra Club is raising money for “groups working on the ground,” claiming “100 percent of money raised supports relief and recovery efforts” for victims of Hurricane Harvey. To date, the organization has donated $5,000 to the Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services (TEJAS) and is granting $31,500 to various other groups, including TEJAS.

TEJAS is working on the ground to help disaster victims recover: giving away emergency kits, renting out generators and power tools, and passing out clothes and other donated items, TEJAS Director Juan Parras told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The group also engages in climate change activism, however, advocating that U.S. energy transition away from fossil fuels.

“We are seeing the consequences of climate change denial and the imperative need for an equitable just transition from the current extractive economy,” TEJAS’s own Harvey fundraising page says. “We ask that you support this just transition by donating to the t.e.j.a.s. Harvey Fund (#tejasharveyfund) to support a group that has historically worked in the most affected frontline, grassroots communities.”

While the funds raised by the Sierra Club help recovery efforts carried out by TEJAS, the money TEJAS receives is used to pay for all its functions.

“The Sierra Club funds are all going into the same pot,” Parras said. “They have given us no restrictions.”

TheDCNF reached out the Sierra Club for comment but received none in time for publication.

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    Spurwing Plover


    Screw the Sierra Club and screw its supporters in Hollywood i want absolutly nothing at all whats so ever to do with the Sierra Club and its plans their Wildlands Project their anti cattle poppycock I can still remember back when they had their Redwoods Summer and bused in all these people to support two enviromental Ballot Measures on the California Ballots one year and using the Spotted Owl as a excuse to shut down all logging and their support of Al Bore i even remember seeing a picture on the front of their news magazine showing two tree sitters one was playing a Wooden Guitar and a pictire in that liberal rag TIME showing so enviromentalists sitting on a plywood platform with Stumps Suck spray painted to the underside and Eco-Nut Julia(Butterfly)Hill and her wacky friends and i saw one of a bunch of Eco-Wackos weeping over the dead trees


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    “We are seeing the consequences of climate change denial” . I have seen billboards with similar messages, ” THE CONSEQUENCES OF SIN IS DEATH”. What bigger mother lode of suckers to exploit than Earth huggers?


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    Donations to a seemingly worthy cause
    diverted to political extremism
    by guess who ?

    The only to make sure your money does what you want it to do
    Is to donate DIRECTLY to the cause
    Not some lying intermediary.

    The Roman Church has been doing this
    Intermediary skimming
    for centuries.


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