House Science Committee tweets link to climate skeptic article and Twitter storm ensues

bernie_sanders_by_gage_skidmoreWhen the House’s Committee on Science sent out a tweet yesterday linking to a “Breitbart” article that called into question global warming orthodoxy, the backlash from climate alarmists was fast and furious. The tweet referenced an article entitled “Global Temperatures Plunge. Icy Silence from Climate Alarmists”. It was written by “Breitbart’s” London correspondent James Delingpole.

In the article, Delingpole quotes information from a “Daily Mail” article showing a nearly one degree Celsius drop in temperatures based on satellite data. The “Mail” article points to the swings and vacillations of El Nino and La Nina as primary factors, where the tropical Pacific Ocean can be warmer or colder than normal. This seesawing of oceanic cycles, part of ENSO, is what many scientists say have a greater effect on the climate than the trace gas carbon dioxide.

The Left revolts

While the tweet’s author is still unknown, it most likely came from the chair of the committee: Rep. Lamar Smith. Smith has long been a skeptic of man’s role in #Climate Change and has been a vocal critic of climate demagoguery. He led a charge to get the emails from NOAA scientists to see if temperature data tampering was occurring.

Sen. #Bernie Sanders, the Socialist-Independent from Vermont, was a bit irked by the tweet. He and other like-minded climate alarmists took to twitter and voiced their dismay about the House committee’s tweet. Sanders wrote:

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