Former Obama And Clinton Aides Are Getting Paid To Promote Green Energy Interests

Green energy companies are paying former aides for President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to promote solar and wind power in states that President Donald Trump won during the election.

Mike Carr, an Energy Department in the Obama administration, is the executive director for New Energy America, a group that launches Wednesday to influence lawmakers in red states. Kendra Kostek, who was an aide to former Secretary of State Clinton’s presidential run, is pegged to be the group’s director of public engagement.

“The point is to make sure there is accountability in places where clean energy jobs are growing, but elected officials are voting against policies that can support the growth of clean energy,” a source familiar with the situation told Axios Wednesday.

The group’s first report provides a state-by-state comparison of jobs in the fossil fuel industry with those in the green energy industry. It finds that these clean energy and efficiency jobs combined already outnumber fossil fuel employment in 41 states.

The group and its initial report appear to be an attempt to carry out an idea Clinton has long promoted: push green energy technology in Republican-leaning states.

Clinton blamed Obama for her unpopularity in many Republican-leaning states dependent on coal production. She claims in her new book hashing out the specifics of last year’s election that the former president failed to adequately transition coal states to green energy jobs.

Clinton believes her high unpopularity levels allowed Trump to win nearly 63 percent of the vote in Kentucky and nearly 69 percent of the vote in West Virginia. Both states saw coal mining jobs plummet during the Obama years, and many blamed federal energy regulations.

Clinton’s biggest “regret,” she wrote, was alienating red states with a campaign gaffe suggesting a Clinton presidency would put coal out of business. Clinton regretted the gaffe but blamed the media for taking it out of context.

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    Spurwing Plover


    How about harnessing Hot Air then Obama the Clinton’s Al Bore and those green pests from Greenpeace the EDF and NRDC would be very very useful this winter

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    Gee what a surprise . The guys that were handing out public money
    have now turned into grant hungry fledglings . Now that would actually be something Mueller can do investigation creep on . This guy and his democrat buddies will be busy till at least the conclusion of the next election .
    Using government intelligence agencies as a personal spy service of the other political party . Democracy at work . Who authorized or requested the names for the unmaskers to request . Hmm can’t imagine . So confident of their win they got really really careless and arrogant yet they still choked .
    Feel sorry for Trump they are ganging up on him . To many face jail time .

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    David Lewis


    This shows one of the many hypocrisies of the climate change movement. They are always claiming the only reason someone would be motivated to oppose their agenda is taking money from the fossil fuel industry. Yet, here are the liberals taking money from the green industries.

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