Dems Plan To Ambush Global Warming Skeptics On Senate Floor, Email Shows

reidDemocratic senators were told to target and scorn conservative nonprofit groups Monday and Tuesday for opposing Democratic policies addressing man-made global warming, internal emails indicate.

Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democrat, has directed 19 of his fellow Democratic senators to attack conservative and libertarian organizations such as Americans for Prosperity and the Cato Institute on the chamber floors for engaging in what the senators call a “web of denial.”

Whitehouse and Democratic Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid – according to an internal email circulated by Emily Enderle, a top environmental policy adviser to Whitehouse, who is leading the hit parade – have created a senate schedule for Monday and Tuesday, requesting the senators lambaste the groups assigned to them.

Reid, Chuck Schumer of New York, and Tim Kaine of Virginia, among others, are set to fire the first volleys Monday – Schumer, for his part, is slated to target libertarian group Mercatus Center, and the Nevada senator will lambaste conservative group Americans for Prosperity.

Democratic senators Al Franken of Minnesota, Barbara Boxer of California, and Whitehouse will needle various groups Tuesday ‚Äì the Heritage Foundation, the Reason Foundation, and the Hoover Institute are among the conservative and libertarian think tanks pinpointed.

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    This proposed bullying behaviour by Sen Whitebread confirms the desperation and debt owed to hedge fund $$Billionaires running the Democrat Party .
    It’s not about science or anything so noble it is pure politics to pursue policies harmful to USA citizens interests . Out source jobs ,shut down industries, grow government , and tax citizens to make them more dependant on government .
    Trump will not sell the USA out . The Democrats already are .

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