DELINGPOLE: Bernie Sanders Declares War on ‘Climate-Denying’ Breitbart

sandersSenator Bernie Sanders has declared war on Breitbart News because of my outrageous ‚Äì if perfectly accurate ‚Äì article stating that the world is getting cooler.

Sanders appears to have been especially irritated by the fact that the story was retweeted by the House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology:

If so, he’d better get used to it. As from next year, pretty much the entire U.S. government ‚Äì both the presidential administration and Congress ‚Äì is going to be in the hands of people who really don’t believe in the “man-made global warming” scare story. That’s because they’re more interested in grown-up stuff like science and evidence and cost benefit analyses.

Oh, and fraud-busting. They’ll be into that, too.

One of the people who may possibly be advising the new administration is Tony Heller, a geologist and electrical engineer.

For the last decade, under the pen name Steven Goddard, Heller has been analysing the temperature data sets maintained by NASA and NOAA and helped expose what some are calling the biggest scandal in scientific history: the systematic adjustment of the raw temperature data in order to make late twentieth century global warming look much more dramatic than it is.

This is not science. This is fraud in the service of political activism ‚Äì designed with a view to deceiving the public and legislators about the severity of “man-made global warming” in order to precipitate government action (which may actually be doing more harm than good.)

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    Bernie’s party didn’t even buy his commie views so he appealed to less than 25 % of voters . Much better than the Green wash party but realistically a losing proposition .
    Great merchant of fear though . Hedge fund billionaires own the Democrat party now
    and Bernie just isn’t their color of lipstick .
    They will return to a new and improved politically correct candidate and despite blaming their colossal failure on those Deplorables they know the truth .
    They took their base for granted , believed their own media press clippings and
    got out worked . Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of crooks .

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    How can a cadaver continue to move?

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      Kogut Talcum


      If the cadaver is BS it can. He’s been preserved in alcohol for decades.

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