Coal-fired power stations being built: World 621, Australia zero.

Does this perhaps explain why we’re running out of electricity yet paying through the nose?

New coal-fired generators being built:

China: 299
India: 132
Indonesia: 32
World: 621
Australia: zero

Simon Benson:

The data was requested by ­Nationals senator and party whip John Williams, who has argued that the carbon emissions produced by the new plants worldwide would eclipse Australia’s total carbon emission profile.

“We don’t have a tent over Australia … emissions are going up around the world because of these generators being built,” ­Senator Williams told The Australian. “We are bowing down to the green agenda which will make no difference to the world’s ­emissions.

“It makes no sense. We will de-industrialise Australia and let everything be manufactured overseas with higher emissions.”

h/t Paul Homewood

Read more at Herald Sun (Video)

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    Well at least the Australian’s can feel self righteous as they are marched off to pick fruit and rice .
    This is not the Australia that always fought above their weight .
    Sitting ducks is not their style .

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    “It makes no sense. We will de-industrialise Australia and let everything be manufactured overseas with higher emissions.”

    No. None of it makes sense because it doesn’t track with what we know and what we are being told. CO2 levels have not kept pace with world population growth, automobile growth and industrialization growth over the past 150 years. And how many carbon powered vehicles were around 100 years ago? So CO2 levels would/should be at unprecedented levels if the Climate Change Alarmist” we even half seriously offering “scientific” proof of ALARMING CO2 levels. Makes no sense because it’s all BS.

    CO2 is not a greenhouse gas BUT true greenhouse gases are good and necessary to moderate and level out heating and cooling fluctuations of the atmosphere in the habitable zone of the atmosphere we occupy. We do know CO2 is beneficial for plant growth. We do know plants generate ALL the oxygen available on the planet. We do know there is NO other natural source of oxygen except plant photosynthesis and plants need CO2 for photosynthesis to take place.

    Makes no sense to move to China either so vote the lying Progressives out.

    The rest is just weather. Keep a sunny disposition and an umbrella handy.

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    Very few people that I’ve talked to bother to consider that the war on fossil fuels might be fraudulent.
    They’re into giving Mother Earth a nice big air kiss.
    The Left is exploiting the vapid masses.

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