Arctic blast puts the freeze on Gore’s ‘climate reality’ marathon

gore-climate-marathonAs if on cue, a vortex of frigid Arctic air is barreling into the United States as Al Gore’s 24-hour #Climate Change marathon kicks off. Called the Gore Effect, Wikipedia describes it as a tongue-in-cheek phenomenon whereby cold weather events ostensibly follow the climate warrior, especially when he’s campaigning against global warming. The cold currently targeting the U.S. is consistent with the overall drop in temperatures worldwide.

The former vice president’s climate marathon will debut tonight and continue into tomorrow as it addresses all things related to climate change. In the past, it has targeted Big Oil and the need to keep fossil fuels in the ground. Meanwhile, meteorologist Dr. Ryan Maue of WeatherBell Analytics is predicting a blob of Arctic air building in Alaska will swing into the United States this week, bringing frigid weather to the lower 48 states for a number of days.

Record cold predicted

While the record cold is seemingly timed to coincide with Al Gore’s global warming marathon, many meteorologists are expecting that over 75 percent of the country will experience record lows. Snow is already piling up in the Northeast and Midwest.

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    Hold on a sec … Kids aren’t supposed to know what snow is are they ? Oh my God Climate Change (global warming ) has now caused snow . Who knew ? Did Exxon know global warming caused snow ? They must have known …perhaps planned it to sell more of that evil fuel made from compressed dinosaurs and ferns .
    Either Al Gore got that big tan from the thing in the sky that drives the climate or all his failed predictions are causing higher blood pressure . Ice free Arctic anyone ?

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