Exxon Sues The Suers In Fierce Climate-Change Case

As climate-change lawsuits against the oil industry mount, Exxon Mobil Corp. is taking a bare-knuckle approach rarely seen in legal disputes: It’s going after the lawyers who are suing it. Exxon has even given that campaign a vaguely sinister-sounding name: “The La Jolla playbook.” —Bloomberg, 13 February 2018

For the second year in a row, “electricity is making up a smaller share of U.S. household bills than ever before,” a fact that can be traced directly to the fact that natural gas has retained its position as the No. 1 electricity generation producer in the U.S. in 2017. —Energy In-depth, 15 February 2018

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Forget the Holocaust—U.N. Says Climate Change ‘Greatest Threat We’ve Ever Faced’

If you thought the Great War, Stalin’s Purges or the Holocaust were bad, think Again. They pale in comparison with climate change, which the United Nations has dubbed “the greatest threat we have ever faced.”

Climate alarmists often fail to see the irony behind their own hyperbole. The more hysterical their claims become the more average, thinking citizens grow skeptical of whether things could really be as bad as certain environmentalists contend.

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Epic Warming Fail: New Paper Shows Appalachians Have Been Markedly COOLING Since 1910

A new scientific study says surface temperatures in the Northeastern U.S. (Appalachian Mountains) have undergone a significant long-term cooling trend since the early 20th century, complicating the detection of a clear anthropogenic global warming (AGW) signal for the region.

According to Eck (2018), the two coldest Appalachian winters since 1910 were recorded in recent years (2009-’10 and 2010-’11), and 9 of the 10 warmest winters occurred prior to 1960.

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Experts pour cold water on catastrophic sea level hype

It seems that alarmists get their exercise mainly by jumping to conclusions. Using datasets as trampolines they make great leaps of faith, oftentimes turning reality upside down in the process.

The latest example is the mass media excitement and exaggerations concerning sea level rise. Just consider the listing from Google News Feb. 13:

Miami could be underwater in your kid’s lifetime as sea level rise accelerates
USA Today

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REPORT: More Than 100 ‘Climate Change Cases’ Filed In US Courts In 2017

Dozens of lawsuits concerning man-made global warming were filed in U.S. courts last year, according to a new report.

The Sabin Center for Climate Change Law found more than 100 lawsuits “raised claims concerning either the impacts of climate change or reducing GHG emissions” were filed in U.S. courts in 2017.

Most notably, seven California cities and counties filed suit against oil companies over alleged damages caused by man-made global warming.

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Letter: People On MIT’s Climate Action Plan Aren’t Even Climate Scientists

CCD Editor’s Note: The following is a letter sent to MIT’s Climate Action Plan committee. He has made it available to the public.

Dear MIT Climate Actors,

I, an MIT alum, was just looking at MIT’s so-called Climate Action Plan, particularly its advisory committee, to see if there were any skeptical climate scientists on it — science that doesn’t allow a diversity of opinions is not science.

Not only were there no skeptical climate scientists on it, there were no real climate scientists at all!

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Bitter cold at Winter Olympics chills global-warming hype

The bone-chilling cold and icy winds in Pyeongchang have contributed to any number of wipe-outs for Olympic skiers and snowboarders, not to mention a public-relations face plant for the climate-change movement.

Its dire warnings about how the Winter Olympics face an existential threat from global warming have been all but buried by the flurry of reports about frigid conditions at the 2018 games in South Korea, which are expected to set an Olympic record for cold temperatures.

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Global Warming Causing Record Cold Temps at Winter Olympics

No one should be surprised that the Winter Olympics, just like the NFL, is no longer primarily a sporting event. Instead of ice-skating and skiing, the major sport in the Olympics is media virtue-signaling over race, gender, and climate.

Not surprisingly, TV ratings are down for the winter games, just as they were for the latest NFL season.  The big media are swooning over Rocket Man’s sister, demonstrating that journalists have never met a communist dictator they didn’t immediately fall in love with, whether Castro, Gorbachev, or Che Guevara.  

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Climate policy could kill more people than climate change

Hurting developing nations just to reduce the trace gas CO2.

It’s fairly remarkable that in the entire global-warming debate there appears to be little public discussion about the toll in human lives posed by decarbonization.

Many climate advocates, including New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, are urging worldwide reductions in natural gas and coal to lower carbon-dioxide emissions on the order of 80 percent.

What’s stunning is that, in addition to hurting the economies of industrialized nations, such massive limitations would forfeit the lives of millions of people in the developing world.

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AAAS gives prominent award to hyper-partisan, name-calling, cyber-bully Michael Mann

Organizations give awards to recognize those individuals who best display the values that organization seeks to represent and uphold. The American Association for the Advancement of Science is the leading scientific organization in the United States.

From a vast pool of excellent scientists who engage with the public, the AAAS has decided in 2018 to give its prestigious award for Public Engagement with Science to climate scientist, Michael E. Mann.

I find this remarkable. Who is Dr. Mann?

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