Wikipedia libels Climate Expert Dr. John Casey

It was a surprise to see the online encyclopedia, hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, finally post something about me this week after my last ten years of intensely dedicated effort toward searching for the truth in climate variation and earthquake prediction. Though I had hoped they would do a somewhat respectable job, it was as I feared, far from it.

In their first ever page about me dated 4 January 2017, one cannot miss the top line slanderous categorization:

“John Casey (global-warming denier)”

Those who have been following the climate debate (such as it is) over the past few decades, know full well that the left wing media’s frequent use of the term “denier” is one of the most derogatory things that can be said about a climate skeptic or climate researcher who has not ‘drunk the kool-aid’ of manmade global warming. Being called a ‘global warming denier’ is intended to associate such people with those truly despicable types who have ‘denied’ the existence of the Jewish holocaust committed by Adolph Hitler during World War II.

This defamatory labeling of me by Wikipedia I consider both reprehensible, and actionable. I demand an immediate apology published on their web site and wide distribution of such throughout the mainstream media. I further I demand a complete removal of the article about me from the web site and data base. Further, I insist that they publish nothing about me without the common courtesy of my review beforehand to ensure accuracy, completeness, and objectivity without political bias.

A quick review of the over seventy biographies of climate skeptics that Wikipedia lists, shows that I am the only one with the ugly side name of “global warming denier.” This slanderous attack on me is without question personal and must have been approved by Wikipedia management. This has to be the case since such derogatory biographies of living persons or BLP’s as Wikipedia calls them, are prohibited by Wikipedia’s own rules for BLP’s.

As to the rest of their article below the title line, it is a feeble attempt to portray their write-up as an authoritative, comprehensive, and objective biography of my life and accomplishments. It is not even close. I rate it a D minus. The article is dramatically incomplete, biased, intentionally misleading, and it fails in the fundamental goal of a biography ‚Äì to present an objective accounting of the totality of one’s personal and professional life accomplishments. It primarily addresses only the last ten years of my professional career while ignoring the prior thirty five years, especially my contributions to the space program. There is no question that Wikipedia’s negative write-up is in great part focused on my opposition to the fraud of manmade global warming.

For all of the years I have been doing climate research, I have said manmade global warming is the greatest international scientific fraud in history. Scientifically, the greenhouse gas theory and the expensive global climate models developed by the United Nations and our government have been spectacular failures. Since this situation has become clear, the Obama administration, environmental extremists, and the main stream media have done all they can to slander and demean those who are exposing this reality and otherwise telling the truth about the climate.

In addition to the hateful ‘denier’ label, the article refers to me otherwise only as an “author” with the obvious intent of not recognizing my contributions and discoveries as a climate researcher or as a leader in independent earthquake prediction.

Also, the timing of the Wikipedia bio is highly suspicious. Though they have not written anything about me for ten long years, they have now decided to do so immediately after the release of my latest book which just hit the streets. It is called “Upheaval ‚Äì Why Catastrophic Earthquakes Will soon Strike the United States,”

One has to believe someone has convinced them they should try to keep people from reading this important book by posting a dirty biography about me.

This poorly written bio is the latest left wing hatchet job for which Wikipedia is well known and the kind of thing I have had to endure for a decade. Plato was right when he said, “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

So much for Wikipedia slander and their ongoing efforts to step on freethinking scientists and researchers who keep winning the debate.

For those who want to read the truth about me, my brief bio has been posted online since 2008.

A current copy can be read at