‘Save the planet’ by herding us into ‘EcoCities’

Eco-city or Mega City One?

It doesn’t matter where one travels in the world to hear the solution for global warming:  MOVE TO A BIG, GREEN CITY and CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOR.

Eager eco-“experts” march to the same dangerous drummer. Freedom is dangerous.  Individuals and societies must conform as required. We all must happily move to a mega eco-friendly “human habitat.”

CFACT is at the three-day ECOCITY 2017 conference in Melbourne, Australia. Some 600 people from all over the world beefed up their carbon footprint to “collaborate and dialogue” Down Under.

ECOCITY attendees include city planners, architects, “local authorities”, elected officials, chambers of commerce, universities, renewable energy grant recipients, a 12-year-old “Junior Lord Mayor”, and on one crispy cold Australian winter day, Al Gore.

Summiteers seek to address “the way humanity builds its home” and focus on “key actions that cities and citizens can take to rebuild our human habitat in balance with living systems.”  Concerns include slowing down and reversing “global heating, biodiversity collapse, loss of wilderness habitat, agricultural lands, and open space, and social and environmental injustices.”

With over 80 different speakers and over 100 different sessions, discussions throughout the conference ranged from “Challenges and Key Opportunities to Imagining and Creating Sustainable and Resilient Cities”, “Legal and Financial Instruments to Drive Change,” “Food Systems,” “Retrofitting the Suburbs for the Energy Descent Future,” to “Women Leading Sustainable and Resilient Cities.

Leave it to Al Gore to speak on the chilliest day of the conference.  The Al Gore effect, unseasonable cold where warming is plugged, defies scientific explanation yet never ceases to amuse.

Gore laid out a litany of planet earth’s latest climate crises; record highs, record lows, floods, fires and mitigation of carbon emissions by using solar and wind. Gore received an audience well beyond the actual number of ECOCITY 2017 conference registrants.  They brought in outside media and stacked the house with pre-screened teachers and others who did not have to pay.  They physically stopped audience and ECOSUMMIT registrants from taking pictures and did not allow any questions.

Back to a warmer day (the day before Gore arrived), the ECOCITY 2017 conference opened with speakers like Lily D’Ambrosio (the Honourable Minister for Energy Environment, Sustainable Development, Suburban Development, and Climate Change), who praised the “20-minute neighborhood concept” as necessary for sustainable living to save planet earth.  In addition to using solar and wind as the leading energy sources, a 20-minute neighborhood provides dwellers with the “ideal” opportunity of eco-friendly, high-density living situations where working, shopping, eating, and playing is all within 20 minutes of one another.  Of course, this 21 century “voluntary” obligation involves using environment-friendly modes of transportation (walking, biking, and public transportation).  As one might imagine, this all helps the world combat man-made climate change while making planet earth more equitable, just, resilient and sustainable for current and future generations.  Ms. D’Ambrosio pushed Plan Melbourne as a model ECOCITY plan – a comprehensive, regional, smart growth plan awfully similar to popular plans in the USA such as Plan Bay Area and Thrive 2055.

At the ECOCITY session “Priorities and strategies for mobilizing the finance needed to create zero-carbon ECOCITIES” solutions included things like a vehicle mile travel tax, carbon tax, government subsidies, and dipping into pensions.  This is eerily similar to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI.org) where retirement system investors use Environmental Social Governance (ESG) as their “fiduciary responsibility” excuse to implement the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and force industrial and societal behavior change.

What is an ECOCITY?  According to those gathered in Melbourne:

An ECOCITY is a human settlement modeled on the self-sustaining resilient structure and function of natural ecosystems. The eco-city provides healthy abundance to its inhabitants without consuming more (renewable) resources than it produces, without producing more waste than it can assimilate, and without being toxic to itself or neighboring ecosystems. Its inhabitants’ ecological impact reflect planetary supportive lifestyles; its social order reflects fundamental principles of fairness, justice, and reasonable equity.

If Al Gore and his ECOCITY 2017 friends have their way, an ECOCITY will be your future.  There you can “harmonize” with mother earth, change your consumeristic behaviors to match that of the “eco” enthusiasts and happily call the “built world” your “human habitat” or “human settlement” while “voluntarily” waving goodbye to your carbon emitting cars and life as you know it.

When this crowd starts talking about “voluntarism” they mean coercion.  They mean the power of the state.  Individual freedom, sadly, doesn’t enter into it.

From Sundance to Australia, on to the next huge carbon footprint UN-related gathering.

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    Spurwing Plover


    Let the green nuts go live in some Eco-Freak city of dumb elevated bike paths mas transit and daily prayers to Gaia lets send all of these nature wackos to live in the amazon

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      Always SPURNING and LYING PLOVER is here again….Idiocy unbridled and unfettered by anything resembling SCIENCE or FACT or TRUTH.
      “The notion that climate scientists either invented or exaggerated global warming is
      one that’s been rumbling around for quite some time. …It’s often used as an argument to OPPOSE / DENY the theory of global warming
      but it’s not something that has ever been substantiated – despite my numerous requests for links to any corroborating evidence.

      “It’s actually quite a bizarre claim given that global warming will be celebrating it’s 200th birthday in a few days.
      (Though suggested in 1799) The first scientific connection to global warming dates from 1811,when the physicist and astronomer Simeon Denis Poisson speculated
      that atmospheric pollution led to increased temperatures.

      “Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier – was a French mathematician and physicist born in Auxerre
      and best known for initiating the investigation of Fourier series & their applications to problems
      of heat transfer and vibrations.
      Born: March 21, 1768, Auxerre, France

      “In 1896 the Swedish chemist Svante Arrhenius was the first person to produce documented empirical evidence as to the existence of global warming,
      this was published in his paper “On the Influence of Carbonic Acid in the Air upon the Temperature of the Ground”
      (carbonic acid being the chemical name of the time for carbon dioxide).

      “It’s claimed that scientists falsify the theory of global warming in order to receive funding.
      The problem with this argument is that any funding that is provided (not to individuals but to respected & tightly monitored institutions)
      will be strictly controlled and in most cases will be monitored and audited
      by the funding body and / or their appointed auditors and/or the institutions.

      “Any deliberate misappropriation of funding would be a criminal offence for which the offender could be jailed. This has never happened.

      The Virginia State Attorney – Ken Cuccinelli – embarked on something of a witch-hunt against the climate scientist Michael Mann and invoked the
      ** Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act ……claiming that Dr. Mann had misappropriated public funds.

      The Judge threw the case out.

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        IPCC reports have been discredited consistently, temperatures have not come anywhere near the climate models predictions, so that’s a big FAIL for the IPCC.

        Cagw cannot be proven scientifically.

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        David Lewis


        Whether the court thought that Michael committed a crime or not, it is very obvious that his hockey stick graph does not represent reality. His graph that was supposed to be based on tree ring data showed the temperature of the earth as being constant until the build up of carbon dioxide. However, even most warming alarmist acknowledge existence of the Roman warming period, the medieval warming period, and the mini ice age. These were most likely deliberately left out of his model for political purposes.

        There have been many articles on this web site showing that historical data has been altered by both NOAA and NASA. You are the first I have encountered who denies this is happening. I have debated other alarmists who acknowledge that the data has been changed, but stated that this was justified.

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    I have seen the future! Genetically engineered humanoids. Tiny humorless little beings with tiny little egos and itty-bitty appetites. Match stick men and women! Chips, no brains. Conveyor belts , no vehicles.
    Extrapolation can be so much fun.

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    Agenda 21. The UN campaign to control world population, and many cities, even small ones, have signed on.

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