Your Tax Dollars At Work – Promoting Fraud On Public Radio

Public radio is promoting this wildly fraudulent study saying that global warming will increase poverty in the southern US – an area which used to be poor when CO2 was lower but is now wealthy.

Global warming will increase poverty in the southern US, a new study says | Public Radio International

It is based on this report from a bunch of professional fraudsters known as the “Climate Impacts Lab”

Climate Impact Lab

Their report claims that increasing atmospheric CO2 will make summers in the upper midwest 6C warmer (which they also believe is 3F.) They don’t understand the most basic things about how temperature is measured but let’s test their theory out by looking at what has happened historically in that region as CO2 has increased.

As CO2 has increased, summer temperatures in the Midwest have declined.

Average summer maximum temperatures have dropped about two degrees since the 19th century.

The frequency of days over 90 degrees has plummeted in the Midwest since the 19th century.

The Public Radio story is (as always) claiming the exact opposite of what the data shows. Regions which used to be very poor and hot, and now prosperous and cool.

Your tax dollars are being used to promote blatant fraud. The Midwest used to be poor, hot and dry. The climate has improved tremendously as CO2 has increased.

Read more at Real Climate Science

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    It’s okay. NPR balances its leftist political bias with plenty of pompous arrogance. It’s all good!

    All this is a shame because I do enjoy much of their classical music programming. It’s difficult to make Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9 into a political statement after all.

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    Spurwing Plover


    Yes NPR is a very very leftists propegandist their no diffrent then the vrry liberal leftists news media like the talking heads from NBC,MSNBC,ABC,CNBC,CNN,CBS or the very liberal leftists TIME,PEOPLE,ROLLING STONE,,NYT’s just to name a few

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