Why Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general is freaking out environmentalists


Sen. Jeff Sessions, Photo – Gage Skidmore

With the probable nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) as President-elect #Donald Trump‘s attorney general, activists are worried that the Department of Justice (DOJ) won’t enforce environmental laws. Green activists note that Sessions has consistently questioned man’s influence on global climate and has attacked the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for over-regulating industries. One broadly written EPA rule, the Clean Power Plan, was vehemently opposed by Sessions for its vast regulatory overreach.

The Sessions nomination is a clear sign, activists say, that Trump is keeping his word on rolling back the EPA’s stranglehold on certain industries and pushing back on President #Obama‘s #Climate Change legacy. Some experts think President Obama could issue thousands of new regulations in the remaining months of his presidency. More recently, Obama rolled out $5 billion worth of regulations just ahead of Thanksgiving. And when Sessions is confirmed, as most policy wonks believe, he will decide which regulations to enforce and which ones to let die on the vine.

Using the DOJ as a partisan weapon

The scenario is similar to how Obama ran the Justice Department. Through his loyalists, Obama used the DOJ to pick and choose which laws they would enforce, as demonstrated by then-AG Eric Holder and current AG Loretta Lynch. From the IRS investigations of Tea Party applicants to the Clinton email scandal to unfettered disregard for current immigration laws, the DOJ has turned a blind eye when politically expedient. Sessions would likely need to replace 80 percent of the DOJ, given that much of the department is composed of acolytes brought in from Obama’s still-active Organizing for Action group.

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    It might just be quicker to eliminate the EPA regulation printing press .
    The EPA directly impacts the economy of the USA but takes no ownership
    for the consequences of their decisions and the lobbyists that have
    hijacked it .
    Like the fear mongering global warming industry that never should have gotten out of the gate the EPA has been infiltrated and run without proper elected official oversight for decades .
    1. Put them under Commerce or an agency where economics and the environment are balanced and pass a law that ensures all EPA regulations are vetted
    through Congress for approval .
    2. Ban the EPA from funding lobbyists and green activists through grants and contracts .
    3. Ban the use of green activists from writing EPA policy .
    4. Reverse all EPA Regulations from the last 8 years approved by Executive Order .
    5. Strengthen the Audit function of the EPA Internal Audit and have it report to an external department such as Commerce .
    6. Reverse EPA staffing levels to that of 1990 .

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    Why not apply the RICO law against the

    EPA and IRS

    They’re both run as criminally corrupt enterprises.

    But of course
    smelly democrats like

    Chuck Scummer

    will never admit this.

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