(VIDEO) Rumors that Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is dead bring about hilarious Al Gore spoof

Pat never misses an opportunity to mock Al Gore’s erroneous and hypocritical claims that climate change will end civilization as we know it.

A tweet suggesting Australia’s Great Barrier Reef was dead went viral, was completely false, and horrified scientists.

Recent reports, which were, for the most part, ignored, stated that Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is making a comeback. Hyperbole continues to dominate news surrounding this revelation but Pat was having none of it this morning.

You can say the news brought about flashbacks for Pat as he was reminded of a glorious interview with NBC “Today” host Matt Lauer and Al Gore who was confronted my Lauer for his ‘hypocrisy” after Gore sold his CurrentTV channel to oil-fueled Al Jazeera for $100 million.

Play this interview in your head each time Al Gore harps on what’s good and bad for the environment. While he’s made a significant amount of money on promoting fallacies, Lauer reminded us (surprisingly) that the truth is always worth pursuing.

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    Spurwing Plover


    And yet Al Bore still wont live a primative lifestyle like him and the rest of the Eco-Wacko green nuts would force us to live whats needed is for Al Bore to spend the winter in a cave a dank musty bat and bug infested cave without all the luxeries he is so used to

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