Understanding The Difference Between Climate And Weather

A record 600 weeks without a major hurricane is weather, but two weeks of weather in 2017 is climate.

NOAA: Record 140 Straight Months Without Major Hurricane Strike

US in Longest ‘Hurricane Drought’ in Recorded History

Hurricane Drought Hits a New Record – Scientific American

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    Spurwing Plover


    Of course everyone might remember after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 the dumb predictions made by the usial hoaxers and Al Bore and after Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast all this idiotic banter that is was Global Warming/Climate Change like the nutcases blame everything for ISIS to Burnt Toast on Global Warming/Climate Change ENVIRMENTALIMS A FORM OF INSANITY

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    R. Johnson


    We have a society that’s scientifically illiterate and dependent on big government for everything. It has been easy for the warmist propaganda machine to continue their diatribe, especially with an anti-American/globalist MSM. When you say weather is not climate change you’re immediately attacked with “You don’t believe climate change is happening!” Warmists have redefined climate change to encompass all aspects of weather even if it occurs within known, normal limits.
    Global warming/climate change is a completely manufactured crisis in search of more tax money—I must stop NOW!!

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