Trump wins U.S. Presidency! Climate Skeptics Rejoice! Set to dismantle & Defund UN/EPA climate agenda!

Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano’s statement on President-Elect Donald J. Trump: 

“Climate sanity has been restored to the U.S. No longer do we have to hear otherwise intelligent people in charge in DC blather on about how UN treaties or EPA regulations will control the Earth’s temperature or storminess.

The election of Trump tonight was one of pure enjoyment for those concerned about silly, sovereignty threatening and purely symbolic climate policies that has been imposed on the U.S. without a single vote. Skeptics also enjoyed watching the grieving faces of the mainstream media on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, as the Trump election night shock sunk in.

“What they (the Democrats & warmists) are so afraid of is this: Trump is the first Republican Presidential nominee that has ever staked out a strongly science supported skeptical position not only on climate science claims, but also on the so-called ‘solutions’.

Trump is right on climate science and Trump rightly scares the hell out of the warmists.

Climate skeptics are ready to get down to the serious business of working with a Trump Administration to begin overhauling the U.S. climate and energy policy and battling the climate activists and their ill-gotten agenda achieved through bypassing democracy.

The time for a Clexit has arrived, a U.S. exit from the UN Paris climate agreement.

Trump can now move forward with his scientifically sound and coherent climate and energy policy that he laid out during the campaign.

Skeptics look forward to the following Trump climate agenda:

Donald Trump said on May 26, 2016

1) Trump pledges to rip up Paris climate agreement in energy speech

2) Trump railed against “draconian climate rules”

3) Trump said he would “cancel” the Paris climate agreement ‚Äì

4) and withdraw any funding for United Nations programs related to global warming.

End Morano statement

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    Trump and his team pulled off a miracle . Massively outspent and a media mega phone
    tearing him down every day could not fool or dissuade the American voters . All the fear mongering will be proven to be false . He is not perfect but he is extremely smart and will hire the best .
    The race and anti women card will be proven to be a hoax just like the scary global warming con job that just passed it’s “Best Buy ” date .
    The media just proved why they are in a credibility free fall . Self absorbed arrogant Liberals don’t represent the vast majority of the public and Trump knew it .
    The American People Just Took Back Their Country !

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