Trump Wants To Know How Much Taxpayer Money The State Department Gives Environmental Groups

President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team is asking the Department of State how much it gives to environmental groups for global warming programs.

“How much does the Department of State contribute annually to international environmental organizations in which the department participates?” reads one question on a list sent to the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, multiple sources told The Washington Post.

It’s not clear what groups Trump is looking at, but before the election, Trump said he’d “cancel billions of dollars in global warming payments to the United Nations” and reallocate that money to domestic environmental projects.

Trump’s team clarified he would “cancel all wasteful climate change spending,” including funding going to the U.N. Trump’s team claims cutting this spending could save $100 billion over eight years. Auditors estimated federal agencies spent $77 billion on climate programs from 2008 and 2013.

Trump could be referring to the Green Climate Fund, or possibly he’s referring to funding given to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

President Obama pledged $3 billion to the Green Climate Fund (GCF), but has only sent $500 million. The letter has activists riled up.

Indeed, activists were already concerned by a letter sent by the transition team to the Department of Energy (DOE) asking for the names of employees who worked on climate programs and attended the U.N.’s summit.

That questionnaire sparked a conspiracy theory Trump would intimidate scientists and delete public climate data. These theories are completely unsupported by statements from Trump’s team.

[dcquiz] Trump’s team disavowed the DOE questionnaire, but it’s already sparked cries from lawmakers to hold hearings on the matter. DOE refused to hand over any employee names to the transition team.

The State Department, on the other hand, said the transition team’s questions were “legitimate.”

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    Isn’t it time to fund balanced research? If carbon dioxide is on trial, make it a fair trial.

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    While the Trump transition team is asking legitimate questions concerning spending
    they may wish to see how much money the EPA has been doling out to friendlies .
    Why shouldn’t tax payers and law makers be informed ? What’s revealing is the chaffing and outright contempt from arrogant bureaucrats that have had a free run for so long .
    If lawmakers don’t alter course when spending far exceeds revenue they are not doing
    their jobs .
    The beauty of the “surprise ” Republican win will allow a thorough review of spending post election as accounts seek payment before the door closes .
    Good point Sonnyhill . There never has been balanced discussion yet $$Trillions spent on an unproven hypothesis . As someone said the other day the first thing is to
    prove what the effect is from natural climate variables are that have been shaping
    climate change for over 4 billion years and not error prone climate models designed to spew out warming trends from changes in a trace gas , CO2 , beneficial to life on earth .
    Put the science back in the study of climate science , cut the funding to lobbyist’s and corporate grant junkies and the fear industry about ” catastrophic “global warming ” will disappear almost overnight .
    We better hope it keeps warming . Not surprisingly Obama chose lovely lush Hawaii to vacation at over Christmas.
    will magically disappear as the crisis it is sold as .

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