Transformation glitch? Biggest issue facing South Australia is electricity say 70%

A Sunday Mail survey (paywalled) shows that despite South Australia (SA) having more “free, cheap and clean” renewable electricity than just about anywhere in the world, the number one biggest issue for most South Australians is … “electricity.”

And despite all the renewable jobs created, the second most common concern is “jobs.” Going for the Paradox-Trifecta: most strangely of all, with elected leaders who are leading the largest energy transformation since civilization began, the third “biggest issue” facing South Australians is “political leadership.”

Thanks to Eric Worrall, who describes South Australians as “the world’s renewable crash test dummies”.

SA has an election coming up in March, but at the moment voters there are caught in the bind between the reality of electricity shocks and the belief that “renewables are cheap”. Will the local Libs (the opposition) have the spine to stand up and speak the truth and make this election about energy and climate, or will they pander #metoo, and lose the unloseable?

Will the Libs get the message here? Most South Australians like the sound of renewables, but when it comes to the crunch, and the issues they will vote on, electricity prices and jobs will rule. This is a bubble ripe for the popping. As for political leadership — sucking up to global bullies and namecalling parasites is not leadership. Speaking up against the dominant paradigm and against the fashionable memes is. Saying things that are unpopular but true is leadership.

As long as Liberals wait for the opinion polls to change (and produce even more obvious results than this) they are not leaders.

In agenda-setting results on a cornerstone issue for the March state election, more than 3500 respondents overwhelmingly ranked affordability and reliability as the most important components of electricity supply in the Sunday Mail Your Say, SA survey.

Forging a renewable energy industry was also popular among respondents, demonstrating support for solar, wind and batteries.

This indicates a clear public distinction between perceived hip-pocket and job creation benefits of renewable energy and the costs of curbing carbon emissions.

“Transforming our economy” is code for using power generators to control the climate. It was slightly more popular with the under 25s (31%) than older folk. By 65 years and older, only 20% were still under the delusion that the biggest issue facing SA is that the state government should force an energy transformation in order to get better global weather. That this number is any positive integer at all is a mark of how pathetic our national debate, media reporting, and education system is.

Wait – The state leading the way on renewables is a backward laughing stock?

Early results of the same survey showed that nearly 9 out 10 South Australians are aware of how silly their state looks:

“… other results are a serious wake-up call — an overwhelming 89 percent feel that SA is perceived unfavourably by the rest of the nation, while 73 percent expect life will be more difficult in the future.

The negative perception of SA as a “backward state” — or worse, a “laughing stock” — still haunts us, evidenced by the survey’s comments and almost any internet thread discussing our problems.

Apparently, it’s hard to be a tax burden on the rest of the nation while trying to do a no-brainer obvious energy transformation which nowhere else in the world is leaping to do to the same extent or without seven interconnectors to coal and nukes.

There is incredible arrogance in thinking that there is no good reason the rest of the world has “missed” the simplistic solution to energy.

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    Spurwing Plover


    Solar Panels and Windturbines are hazerdous to birds and bats yet many Eco-Wackos support these alternative energy sources which proves these enviromentalists wackos are all into their rediculous ideology

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    Ontario protests that we are the original renewable energy crash test dummies.
    South Australia replies that they’re willing to drive faster over a taller renewable cliff than anyone.
    Germany’s dummies drive the world’s best cars into big Green walls with CLASS!
    Hollywood claims that Thelma and Louise were the original Green martyrs .
    Chins says “Look at all those dummies” .

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      Typo, China says………
      Dummied the punchline!

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    David Lewis


    This is a classic example of liberal idealism being completely out of touch with reality. As with Germany’s energiewende, it is an excellent lesson for the rest of the world.

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