Test Someone’s Climate Knowledge with Five Easy Questions

testIf your friends can’t understand why you don’t believe in manmade global warming, give them this simple, five-question quiz. They may realize they don’t know as much about global warming as they think.

1. The primary greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is:

[a] Nitrous Oxide

[b] Carbon Dioxide

[c] Methane

[d] Water Vapor

2. Carbon dioxide comprises what percentage of the Earth’s atmosphere?

[a] 400%

[b] 40%

[c] 4%

[d] 0.04%

3. When reviewing our planet’s long geologic history, the current level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is:

[a] Among the highest levels ever recorded

[b] Among the lowest levels ever recorded

[c] About average

4. Each new molecule of carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere traps:

[a] The same amount of heat as the previous additional molecule

[b] More heat than the previous molecule

[c] Less heat than the previous molecule

5. In the twentieth century, solar output was:

[a] The same as it’s always been

[b] The lowest in 1,000 years.

[c] The highest in 1,000 years.


1. [d] Water vapor. Roughly 80% of the Earth’s “greenhouse effect” is sustained by water vapor.

2. [d] 0.04%. Carbon dioxide is a minor constituent in the atmosphere, which is dominated by Nitrogen (78%) and Oxygen (21%).

3. [b] Carbon dioxide levels are currently among the lowest ever recorded in Earth’s 4.5-billion-year history.

4. [c] Less heat. Carbon dioxide follows a logarithmically declining function. That means, it exponentially loses the ability to trap heat as its concentration increases.

5. [c] The highest in 1,000 years. Starting in the latter part of the 1800s, solar activity ramped back up to the peak output previously seen during the Roman Warm Period (250-400 AD) and the Medieval Warm Period (950-1250 AD).

If you get more than two answers wrong, start reading Climate Change Dispatch regularly for a crash course in climatology.

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    This is perfect for my know-it-all media-slave friends!

    I copied the post to my I-phone notes to make their heads explode at those opportune moments…

    I wish this were available in a business card size to leave behind.

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      Suggested 6th question:

      CO2 is

      1. A noxious gas

      2. Particulate matter that contributes to global warming

      3. A necessary plant nutrient

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    Every Senator should know the answer to all 5 questions . Do they ?
    No chance .
    Good idea because as they say …”the fewer the facts the stronger the opinions ‘ .
    But a better one for Senator Whitehouse to ponder is the one from Mark Twain
    It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble .
    It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so .
    Yep climate changes , hopefully it keeps warming .Humans , animals and especially natural variables drive the climate bus just like they always have .
    If there was no money in the climate fear industry the world would be able to
    solve some real environmental and social issues . It’s not like there is a shortage is there ?

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    Only got 4/5 myself so hahaa..

    Got Q3 wrong. So how long is a piece of string. Its a bit vague without an actual timeframe.

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    The definition of denier in the climate caper are those (like me ) who deny the sales pitch for wasting ” $ Trillions” on an” Opportunity ” to pay conmen and grant seeking business interests based on their over hyped climate Armageddon propaganda .
    Climate changes , it is warming thankfully , and humans must have some influence both positive and negative . When $Trillions of other peoples money (debt in most cases ) is up for grabs it pulls out the worst in some .
    Proudly a DENIER .

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    John Howard



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    John Howard


    Stir estimates together
    and make some numbers crunch
    and soon you’ve got a science
    and more than just a hunch.

    From reading all of this
    it’s now quite clear to me
    that if you add up guesses,
    you get a certainty

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