Time Running Out For Warming Hoaxters…Seven New Studies Show Large Parts Of Globe Cooling

Tibetan PlateauRecently I wrote about seven signs showing that the Earth has been cooling and likely will continue to cool.

To back this up, Kenneth Richards commented in a reply that this year has seen seven new peer-reviewed papers that show us that the Earth’s surface temperature at the poles and elsewhere has been cooling for about a decade. What’s worrisome is that the Southern Hemisphere surface is mostly ocean.

Eastern North Atlantic cooling since 2010

The first paper is Gladyshev et al., 2017  which states in its abstract that there’s been:

“A sharp and stable freshening and cooling of SPMWs [Subpolar Mode Water] in the eastern part of the North Atlantic since 2010. In the years 2010–2016, the mean temperature of the SPMW [Subpolar Mode Water] core in the Rockall Trough dropped by -0.73°C (-0.12°C/yr); in the Iceland Basin it dropped by -2.12°C (-0.35°C/yr), and salinity decreased by 0.12 PSU (0.02 PSU/yr) and 0.23 PSU (0.04 PSU/yr), respectively.”

Subpolar North Atlantic trend reversal in 2005

In another paper, Piecuch et al., 2017,  the authors note that subpolar North Atlantic (SPNA) is subject to strong decadal variability and found that in 2004–2005, the SPNA decadal upper-ocean and sea-surface temperature trends reversed from warming during 1994–2004 to cooling over 2005–2015.

The Southern Ocean now cooling

On the other side of the planet at the South Pole, the story is pretty much the same. A study this year by Kusahara et al., 2017 showed that in contrast to a strong decrease in Arctic sea ice extent, the overall Antarctic sea ice extent has modestly increased since 1979. The paper’s abstract adds:

Concomitant with this positive trend in Antarctic sea ice, sea surface temperatures (SSTs) over the Southern Ocean south of approximately 45°S have cooled over this period.”

Remaining at the South Pole, a new paper by Turney et al., 2017 here states that the Southern Ocean, which occupies a massive 14% of the world’s surface, plays a fundamental role in ocean and atmosphere circulation — and thus climate — and found that it has produced a cooling trend since 1979.

Cooling since 1999

Also Oliva et al., 2017 points out that a recent analysis by Turner et al., 2016 has shown that “the regionally stacked temperature record for the last three decades has shifted from a warming trend of 0.32 °C/decade during 1979–1997 to a cooling trend of − 0.47 °C/decade during 1999–2014“. Oliva et al tell us that “this recent cooling has already impacted the cryosphere in the northern AP [Antarctic Peninsula], including slow-down of glacier recession, a shift to surface mass gains of the peripheral glacier and layer of permafrost in northern AP islands“.

Fernandoy et al., 2017 here also points out:

The firn stable isotope composition reveals that the near-surface temperature at the Antarctic Peninsula shows a decreasing trend (−0.33 °C y−1) between 2008 and 2014.”

“No evidence” of snow decline

Finally, moving on land to the Tibetan Plateau, a recent paper appearing in Nature by Wang et al. 2017 shows there’s been “no evidence of widespread decline of snow cover on the Tibetan Plateau over 2000–2015“.

That’s seven fresh papers telling us that large, important areas of the Earth’s surface have stopped warming and begun cooling. Time is running out for the global warming hoaxsters.

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    If everybody beleived all was in the New York Pravda(Times)one would think the Earth was Flat and the Flat Earth Society were normal leavel headed people

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    A cooling earth caused by global warming ? Makes perfect sense .
    All that smoke from man made California brush fires blocks the sun and cools the planet . Who said Moonbeam was an ignorant ass . Pure genius and he has apparently gone religious too . The Pope will be so proud .
    Sorry the critters and humans of California have to save the planet
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