Pipeline opponents unfurl giant banner during football game, sparking security concerns

Protestors managed to unfurl an enormous banner during a #Football game on Sunday, sparking renewed concerns about security amid heightened terrorist concerns.

What many thought would be an ordinary season finale game between the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears turned into a successful attempt to hang a nearly 40-foot-long vertical banner protesting the Dakota pipeline.

The two climbers were later identified as Karl Mayo and Sen Holiday, 32 and 26 respectively. Attendees, though, wondered how they got past security with all that equipment.

Police were unclear how the dynamic duo were able to sneak in the giant vinyl sign, heavy metal hooks, climbing equipment, and other items needed to rappel off the stadium’s rafters and hang the banner.

It’s believed the activists climbed over a guard rail to gain access to the rafter’s truss. Police also think a third person carried the banner into the stadium using an oversized backpack. She has since been arrested.

The banner asked Minneapolis-based U.S. Bank to “Divest #NoDAPL.” U.S. Bank has given credit lines to the parent company of the #Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

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