New Book Exposes How EPA Distorts Science To Fit Its Political Goals

The Environmental Protection Agency has based its most onerous air pollution regulations on junk science meant to further political goals, says the author of a new book.

Lawyer-statistician Steve Milloy’s new book, “Scare Pollution,” shows readers how EPA has distorted the science behind air pollution regulations to hamper politically incorrect industries, from coal to logging to manufacturing.

“I have worked on EPA science controversies for 25 years,” Milloy told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “EPA doesn’t use science so much as it abuses it for its political ends.”

Milloy is referring to EPA regulations that rely on the shaky claim that fine particulate matter, or PM2.5, kills people. That claim alone has allowed EPA to claim billions of dollar worth of supposed benefits from regulating coal plants, factories and automobiles.

PM2.5 science has been a major driver of regulations targeting the coal industry, including the EPA’s Clean Power Plan (CPP). That rule is ostensibly to cut carbon dioxide emissions from power plants, but more of the CPP’s benefits come from PM2.5 reductions than CO2 cuts.

“Although ‘Scare Pollution’ focuses on the controversy over EPA’s claims about particulate matter in outdoor air, the book represents lessons learned from decades of exposure to a broad range of EPA programs,” said Milloy, who used to work for the coal company Murray Energy and is a senior fellow at the Energy & Environment Legal Institute.

Milloy has been actively fighting back against EPA regulations for decades, most recently exposing agency-funded experiments exposing humans to air pollutants. EPA-backed researchers conducted the same experiments on children.

Most recently, Milloy and the Energy & Environment Legal Institute sued an EPA scientific advisory panel for stacking with researchers who’ve collectively gotten millions of dollars in grants from the agency.

“Government employees and contractors at universities appear to be rubber-stamping EPA’s distorted claims,” Milloy wrote in the forward of his new book, which has been endorsed by Oklahoma Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe and former EPA science panel Chairman Dr. George Wolff.

“The EPA is using dishonest means to expand its regulatory power,” Milloy wrote. “This is all happening because of and through the EPA’s patently and demonstrably false claim that PM2.5 kills people.”

“Despite the best efforts of the EPA and its allies to prevent discovery of the scientific misinformation behind PM2.5, this book presents, uncovers and debunks in one unified narrative this miscarriage of science against our society. But this David vs. Goliath story goes beyond just the EPA,” Milloy wrote.

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    Years ago I heard a British Columbia professor state that “no amount of human influence on the environment is tolerable” . Zealots won’t listen to reason, will never be satisfied. Environmentalists and bureaucrats will fight Trump tooth and nail.We can hope that they turn on each other when the money dries up.

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    Not criticizing the author

    But how astounding that the EPA is corrupt.
    Idiotic jerks like Bobby Kennedy want to imprison anyone who
    disagrees with their cheap leftist extremist propaganda.
    Your uncle Jack would be proud of you, Bobby.

    Amazing what the extremist left has stooped to.
    Amazing what the so-called and laughably ” Democratic ” party has stooped to and become.

    This past election cycle that pack of extremists endorsed and pushed forward the candidacy of an Alinsky adoring and sucking nobody against the popular primary vote of their own party by way of the ” Super Delegate ” fiction.

    They now want to claim the general election was rigged because a foreign government might have broke their security codes and downloaded their internal discourse.

    Well, it’s a relief to know that whatever is forthcoming will no longer be ” W’s ” fault.

    But, of course we concertedly know that anything wrong henceforth that happens even under O’Bama’s watch must be

    Trump’s fault !

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    Sonnyhill You are absolutely correct . There are a range of green wash hypocrites and
    the Zealots claim to oppose all human activity that effects the environment . Basically everything. Fortunately that group of extremists is a small minority and the other ones being spewed out of UBC and particularly SFU are indoctrinated into believing a Green Gestapo is required . The EPA jumped the shark along time ago when giving out grant money to their partying friends and fancied by a President that saw the EPA
    mushroom to over 17,000 employees under his watch .
    What other government department would get away with blatant disregard for the public interest and an agenda to shut industries down ?
    I sincerely hope President Trump has the horsepower to stop EPA overreach , reduce it by at least half and make it accountable to elected officials instead of the current end round and FU attitude towards Congress . CO2 is not a pollutant . At least 2/3 of
    it comes from natural sources like water vapour . A deficiency of CO2 would on the other hand be catastrophic to plants ,trees and the environment in general .
    We will see if President Trump’s Administration is up to creating an EPA – Lite and stopping the biggest scam in history . $Trillions of tax payers money being siphoned off to feed a fraud must end .
    to fraud .

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    The self righteous lefties thought they had the high road and the momentum. Pedal to the mat, drunk on power, they caused a chain reaction. ISIS, Brexit,Trump. The Constitution survives unscathed.Now the Democrats are the deniers.

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