National Geographic: Global Warming Causes ‘Freakishly Warm’ Winters In The East

A Scholarly Paper By Experts | The Deplorable Climate Science Blog

Two years ago, climate experts told us global warming causes “freakishly warm” winters in the East. That was a few months after the record cold winter of 2014-2015 when the Potomac was frozen solid on March 7.

What’s Behind the Freakishly Warm Winter in the Eastern U.S.?

But climate experts have gotten much smarter over the last two years and now know that global warming causes freakishly cold weather in the Eastern US. Notice the white lab coat below – a sure sign of science.

Why it’s so cold (spoiler alert: it’s global warming) – Information Without The Bun

This was a few weeks after experts predicted a warm winter in the East.

NOAA Predicts Its Third Warm Winter in a Row | WIRED

Prior to the freakishly cold winter of 2014-2015, climate experts knew that global warming made winters warm.

Global Warming Will Lead to Warmer Winters, Study Says · Guardian Liberty Voice

In 2003, NCAR said warmer winters caused by global warming was “weather basics” and predicted the end of winter in Boulder.

Warmer Winters

The great thing about global warming is climate scientists can say any idiotic thing they want and constantly contradict themselves, yet brainless leftists and their useful idiots in the press will believe anything they say.

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    The last paragraph could be summed up by a preacher’s last resort, ” The Lord works in mysterious ways”


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    Spurwing Plover


    The Archoraptor,The Taskida Tribe and Global Warming Climate Change just three of N.G’s infamous fakes


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    David Lewis


    Like the scientific American, National Geographic is obviously being run by the radical left. One easy proof of this is ocean acidification. They claim that the current pH level, which is well within the parameters of historical natural variability, is a sign of disastrous pH increase.

    The statement “But climate experts have gotten much smarter over the last two years and now know that global warming causes freakishly cold weather” shows they realize such events that imply global warming isn’t happening have to be turned around to keep their cause causing. As I posted else where:

    Just as the climate alarmist adjusted to the lack of warming by changing from “global warming” to “climate change,” every natural event that comes along that doesn’t support their cause they claim to be caused climate change. Just as a heat wave in Arizona is caused by climate change, so is extra bitter cold on the East Coast. Droughts are caused by climate change, but so are flooding. When polar ice decreases as part of its normal cycle, that is caused by climate change. Yet, when the Antarctic had an unexpected ice expansion, that too was blamed on climate change.


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