Media uses natural weather event to advance Arctic ‘death spiral’

Despite below-average temperatures breaking records across the Northern Hemisphere, the Washington Post is warning readers the North Pole may warm up 40-50 degrees on Thursday, which they blame for Arctic sea ice loss. Except the data doesn’t back up the claim. The Danish Meteorological Institute, which tracks Arctic sea ice, shows 2016 being similar to 2014 and 2015.

The anomalous weather event is a consequence of an always shifting jet stream, and not #Climate Change, which alarmists repeatedly claim is long-term weather over many years. Even 19 years of no statistical warming wasn’t long enough for NASA and NOAA to declare the great global warming scare was over. But a day of warming from a naturally occurring event is a beacon of impending doom.

Arctic sea ice extent since 2012.

Tony Heller, who runs the site Real Climate Science, says the Arctic is not as cold as normal “because deep waves in the jet stream have brought cold air south, and milder air north.” That’s how weather works. Meanwhile, the record-breaking cold has sent temperatures plunging to -55 degrees F on Summit, Greenland, and allowed for snow to fall on the Sahara Desert (not seen in 40 years).

Polar jet stream

And this year’s sea ice extent is higher than 2007, 2012, and 2013, so the Post’s claim about record low sea ice isn’t grounded in reality. Heller also writes that large dips in the polar jet stream are bringing cold air to the Midwest and East while bringing warm air to the pole. It even happened in Dec. 1977, but that was during the 1970’s great cooling scare.

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