La Niña is coming: the Earth is cooling!

By Schneefan.
(Translated and condensed by P. Gosselin)

The warming El Niño weather phenomenon has been history since June 2016. The cool La Niña started in mid-July 2016.

The daily anomalies in sea surface temperatures (SSTA) in the main Ni√±o region 3.4 are now updated. In mid-July it is in the La Ni√±a zone at -0.74¬∞K:


The plot above shows the daily SSTA with respect to the international climate mean of 1981-2010 in the main Niño region 3.4 with data from NOAA/CDAS (Climate Data Assimilation System). The SSTA reached and dipped below the -0.5°K mark in mid-July. The latest value was -0.74°K (July 19, 2016). Source:

The following chart shows the current La Niña extending from the coast of Peru to the international dateline (180°):


The cold La Niña (blue at the equator) is shown developing. Source:

After a record warm February 2016 with an anomaly of +0.83¬∞K using the unaltered UAH satellite data, the global temperature of the lower troposphere centered at 1500 meters fell by 0.49 K in June to +0.34¬∞K,…

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