Justin Trudeau’s Energy Chief Says Canada Can Work With Trump

Canada’s energy minister said he can find common ground with President-elect Donald Trump on oil pipelines and energy infrastructure.

“We’re very careful not to judge this administration on anything other than what they do. And what they do will become better known after January 20th,” Jim Carr, Canada’s minister of natural resources, told reporters Wednesday.

His comments suggest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s administration is taking a “wait and see” approach to the real estate tycoon-turned-president-elect. Carr also floated the possibility the prime minister could find “areas of common cause” with the incoming Trump administration.

Trump’s victory has also bolstered hopes the Keystone XL pipeline, which was rejected by President Barack Obama last year, might get a new lease on life. Carr said it’s up to the company behind Keystone and the U.S. government to decide whether to proceed.

The pipeline’s fate is now up to Trump, who campaigned on updating U.S. infrastructure and not impeding coal and oil projects. The president elect has hinted that his administration would move quickly to approve another controversial oil line ‚Äì the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Trudeau has approved several pipelines, arguing that such projects play a crucial role in reducing Canada’s carbon emission levels.

Carr and Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, for instance, approved the-now controversial Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline along with Enbridge’s Line 3.

The $6.8 billion project was not considered controversial when Trudeau gave his seal of approval in early December, because it follows an already existing line, but environmentalists bristled at the prime minister’s reasoning behind the decision.

Activists filed a lawsuit on Dec. 20 claiming the pipeline could hasten the extinction of the Southern Resident killer whales. The case is weeding its way through the country’s court system.

Trudeau’s lukewarm feelings on Trump’s energy plans signal a new era in US-Canada pipeline projects.

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    Can’t wait for the Trudeau preachy carbon tax speech . The “common cause ” .
    Come to think of it Trudeau is going to need extra revenue to pay for part of the USA military protection currently free .
    The Democrats lost for many reasons but even they were wise enough to shut up about a kryptonite carbon tax supporting the global warming hoax . Well everyone but Bernie and he was “knifed” by his own party operatives .
    Not likely Mr. Trump is going to pull a Liberal Party move( USA Democrat ) and con the people with a carbon tax after elected .

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    It’s a shame that Harper couldn’t have won one more term. Obama went out of his way to undermine him and I believe it was over climate change . Now we have Trump versus Trudeau. The cross-border leftie network will be as busy as ever.

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