July 20, 1934: 118 Degrees In Iowa

July 20, 1934, was the hottest day in Iowa’s history. Keokuk, Iowa reached 118 degrees. Almost the entire country was over 90 degrees, almost half was over 100 degrees, and a large section of the Midwest was over 110 degrees.

It was also the hottest day on record outside Omaha, Nebraska – where temperatures reached 116 degrees. Since then, peak summer maximum temperatures have plummeted.

The average maximum temperature that day across the US was 95 degrees, six degrees hotter than last year, which NOAA says was the hottest year on record.

Eighty percent of the US was in drought.

The US simply doesn’t get hot weather like that any more.

Climate alarmists now get hysterical about a hot day in Arizona, which happens every June.

1934 was the hottest year on record in the US. This wrecked global warming theory, so NASA and NOAA simply changed the data to make the heat go away.

NASA Temperature Graphs Are Fake News | The Deplorable Climate Science Blog

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”
—George Orwell  “1984”

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    CO2 ppm in the atmosphere was much lower in 1934 than today. There is no guarantee that meeting IPCC targets will preclude heat waves or drought in the future. How inconvenient!

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      YES CO2 & green house gases were at lower concentrations in the 30’s
      during a US ONLY heat wave.
      …during the same years other nations on earth were having record shattering cold !

      The last 20 Years have been the WARMEST 20 Year Period in RECORDED history.
      11 Science Research teams from 10 different Nations, have attempted to disprove that thesis.
      (1,000’s & 1,000’s) of Ice Cores, deep sea soil samples, soil cores, tree rings & fossilized tree rings, stalagmites, fossils, CONFIRM!
      Their shared Conclusion is that this 20 year period
      is CLEARLY THE HOTTEST 20 Years in thousands of years,
      No Record cold years since 1909 !
      If everything is SO NORMAL in the world, wouldn’t you think we would have AT LEAST HALF of those years as record cold years?

      7500 years ago, this Inter Glacial Warm Period PEAKED in TEMPERATURE.
      Since Then Temperatures have Slowly Fallen AS WE SLID down toward the next ICE AGE.
      GOOGLE: Milankovitch Cycles—–the cause of Climate Change until 1800.
      Much of the last 1000 years is called “THE LITTLE ICE AGE” ! !
      ICE AGE because of the Falling temps.
      LITTLE because it ended.
      IT ALL CAME TO AN END 1750-1800 !
      GOOGLE: Holocene climatic optimum
      The real problem is the fact that temperatures are NOW rising.
      GREEN HOUSE GASES have captured enough escaping InfraRed Heat Radiation
      & Re-directed much of that Heat Radiation back to Earth.

      Japanese AND US satellites actually watch & measure the Amounts of Infra Red Heat Radiation
      which fails to escape earth to cold space…in the EXACT WAVE LENGTHS of those GREEN HOUSE GASES.
      If the I.R. Heat Does Not Escape…tell me where in the world it is…..IN THE WORLD !

      Temps. are rising faster than much life can adapt.
      The Permian Extinction was the worst mass extinction in the history of the Earth.
      It was caused by a rapid rise in temperature.
      Temp. Changes 7500 years 1C on average…during the Permian Extinction
      From 1880 to 2016, 1.19 C temperature rise.

      The Permian Extinction wiped out 96% marine species & 76% of land species. <

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    More importantly, every time we experience a hot day or two now we are told by the alarmists that we are on a greased slide to hell. The days of cool weather are over! …And then it gets cold again.

    The years of heat and drought that marked the dust bowl of the 1930’s certainly changed over time. No doubt if the same politically motivated climate alarmists had been around then they would have predicted the coming of a climate apocalypse by 1940.

    Weather changes.
    Climates change.

    In the summer of 1988 we had a drought in Wisconsin. So much was the effect that area lakes and ponds (including Lake Michigan) fell to very low levels. Eco-left alarmists of the day (then calling the problem Man-Made Global Warming) warned copiously that lake levels could NEVER recover, and that many lakes and ponds would vanish altogether within 10 to 15 years.

    Fast-forward to 2017. A headline in TODAY’S issue of The Chicago Tribune reads: “Beaches Shrinking as Lake Michigan Rises to Near-Record Level”.

    Closer to home, local lakes and ponds are mostly overflowing their banks as they have steadily rebounded for the past 25 years.

    Where are the eco-left alarmists who made the bold predictions of 1988? They’ve moved on, learning from past errors. Now their cause is Man-Made “Climate Change”, so they can cover both the upside and downside of every wild prediction. Heads, they win – tails, you lose.

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      Where did the alarmists of ’88 go? Doesn’t matter, there’s more CHICKEN LITTLES graduating every year and history means nothing to them.

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