Greenpeace co-founder tells us why we shouldn’t buy into ‘global warming’ claims

In this podcast, Jacki Daily is joined by Greenpeace co-founder and ecologist, Patrick Moore, to talk about the fallacy of human-caused climate change and disclose his reasons for parting ways with the environmental organization he helped create.

“How did you go from being the founder of Greenpeace to now — you’re kind of on the other side from this group?” asked Jacki.

“When we started, we had a strong humanitarian orientation. We cared about people, to save them from all-out nuclear war, and also the environmental consequences that would have occurred as a result. We were trying to put those two things together. By the time I left, 15 years later, Greenpeace and the rest of the movement were referring to the human species as ‘the enemies of nature,’” explained Moore, adding, “I just don’t buy that line of thinking.”

Listen to the podcast above to hear more of the conversation. Also, check out the PragerU video below in which Moore explains, “What They Haven’t Told You about Climate Change.”

This video is provided by PragerU.

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    Spurwing Plover


    The fact that back in the 1970’s we we were suppost to be having Global Cooling and A New Ice Age and of course they were predicting a totaly poluted earth a dead planet a lifeless hunk of galactic real estate floating in orbit third most outward planet from its sun cities under domes and gas masks(Some idiots wear gas masks during those silly protests)and of course if anyone saw that silly Kevin Kosner movie WATERWORLD a totaly flooded planet with him as some dork name Mariner swimming dolphin style and making a total fool of himself. (I used to beleive what was said in Silent Spring)and all this malarkry WE HAVE ONLY 10 YEARS LEFT TO SAVE THE PLANET and that was back when they held the first Earthday and still they preach this mindless prattle

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    Patrick Moore knows what he is talking about . At least he left Greenpeace with his integrity in tact .
    Greenpeace is political Antifa -Lite . “enemies of nature ”
    is the language of maggot man Suzuki . Didn’t stop him from having 5 kids of his own however . There are the preachy words for others and then the hypocrites in the earth muffin business . Not one of these global warmie preachers walks the talk . In fact if everyone on earth lived like the sponging pigs of the greenie industry we would have a problem . There are only so many waterfront mansions and private jets available after all . No Ghandi’s in the bunch just
    bad actors leaching what they can from the gullible public .

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    David Lewis


    Perhaps the mind of some humans are naturally predisposed to believe in end of the world. Going way back, some believed that the earth was only going to last a thousand years after Jesus. World War I was supposed to be the end of world. Then it was chemical pollution and nuclear war. Now it is warming.

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