Global warming hypocrisy hat-trick

Global warming and hypocrisy go hand in hand.

  • Hillary Clinton promised to buy carbon offsets to atone for her private jets, but never bothered;
  • Al Gore thinks cashing in on climate and Lincoln freeing the slaves are the same thing; and
  • Bill Nye (the politicized science guy) wants those of us who correct the record on climate dead.

Could they be any more selfish, self-aggrandizing, and false?

Bill Nye can’t wait for graying Americans to shuffle off. Think he’s eager to go himself?

CFACT’s Marc Morano explained on Fox that Nye is “confident he can convert the young people to climate action but he is having trouble with anyone his age and older because frankly they’re wiser and they have experienced a lot, so they are less susceptible to his propaganda.”

We posted a pair of hypocrisy-busting articles by Michael Bastasch at

Al Gore the great emancipator?  “When Al Gore, Jr. associates these moral movements of history with one grounded in questionable data, he gives climate change activists unearned moral credibility they haven’t earned and don’t deserve,” said Horace Cooper, co-chairman of the Project 21 initiative with the group Conservative Black Leadership.

Carbon “offsets” also have to be one of the great scams of our time.

Remember when Hillary took a private jet to a fundraiser 20 miles away? She stepped off a private jet and preached that the rest of us should tamp down our outrageous lifestyles to fight global warming.  No need to worry about Hillary’s extravagances, her campaign would pay to “offset” her jet set emissions.

Not only would Hillary’s “offsets” make no meaningful difference to world temperature, her campaign never bought any.

Carbon “offsets” became as worthless to the Clintons as they are to the rest of us — once their PR value expired.

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    Spurwing Plover


    The Three snooges Schmoe,Scary and Surley trying their hands and plumbing and end up making a mess of the place and getting chased by the cops

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    Bill Nye … “by way of example”, has finally made an accurate statement . People die or “age out ” …who knew ? Age out sounds like another flake liberal California term . Can’t wait for Nye’s next profound observation .

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