Fake News: Climate Scientists ‘Save’ Data From Donald Trump

The latest fake news climate story has the winning headline: “Scientists are frantically copying US climate data fearing it might vanish under Trump.”

This is brazen, hilarious and spectacularly misleading. No one has done more damage to “climate data” in the past three decades than the corrupt, politicized activist scientists who are now afraid that they may be neutered or booted out of office by the incoming administration.

One of the many shocking revelations of the 2009 Climategate emails was that in some cases the raw temperature data had been destroyed or lost by the scientists whose job it was to maintain it. Phil Jones of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia admitted that they had not kept “the original raw data” for reasons of “data storage availability”.

That, in turn, prompted a lawsuit by the Competitive Enterprise Institute:

The Competitive Enterprise Institute, a free-market advocacy group, is arguing that U.S. EPA’s climate policies rely on raw data that have been destroyed and are therefore unreliable. The nonprofit group — a staunch critic of U.S. EPA’s efforts to regulate greenhouse gases — petitioned (pdf) the agency last week to reopen the public comment period on its proposed “endangerment finding” because the data set had been lost (E&ENews PM, Oct. 9).

But climate scientists familiar with the data insist that the reports are based on sound science and that the data in question was altered as part of standard operating procedure to ensure consistency across reporting stations.

For the alarmists now to turn around and claim that the Trump administration is unfit to look after data that they’ve already lost and destroyed is, as Tony Heller puts it, an “Orwellian Climate Moment“:

The same people who have been corrupting temperature data, erasing it, overwriting it, and pushing the biggest scientific scam in history, now say they are trying to protect the data from President Trump.

NOAA overwrites their monthly temperature data, and wanted $260,000 to recover data which should have been downloadable online in a matter of seconds

Fee Notification Letter – 2014-001602

It is, however, all too typical of the kind of posturing and projection we can expect to see from the climate alarmist establishment as their elaborate Ponzi scheme begins to collapse with the advent of President Donald Trump.

Trump, it is becoming clearer by the day, is in no mood to show any mercy to the cabal of scientists at institutions like NASA GISS and NOAA who have been manipulating raw temperature data — torturing it till it screams — in order to exaggerate the appearance of 20th century warming.

The Washington Post mentions, disapprovingly, a Trump adviser calling for NASA to focus on space exploration and not climate research.

But how can this possibly be a bad thing? The clue is in the name: National Aeronautics and Space Administration. NASA’s dabbling with climate science is bureaucratic overreach. Under Trump it will hopefully return to its core function, with its climate activism at NASA GISS, run by alarmist Gavin Schmidt, swiftly deep-sixed.

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    Any time I need fake news CNN is available .
    What is really going on is the scientists who have fudged climate data
    are burning out their paper shredders and wiping those hard drives .
    Does NASA really want to show the audit trail of how original source data
    has been ” adjusted ” ? Dream on .

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      They are not afraid he will delete the data, they are afraid he will find it. Even worse, he might allow it to reach the public domain.

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