Enviros Push Investigation Into Exxon, Freak Out When They Might Get Subpoenaed

greenpeaceTwo environmental groups backing investigations into ExxonMobil and conservative think tanks by some states attorneys general are furious they’ve been threatened with a subpoena by federal lawmakers.

Greenpeace and 350.org activists were so mad with House Republicans they sent a letter back demanding lawmakers disclose their ties to Exxon, other oil companies and conservtive think tanks. Activists also argued, rather ironically, such requests violate their First Amendment rights.

“As we have explained in detail in our prior letters to the Committee, the Committee’s requests violate basic First Amendment protections, fall outside the proper jurisdiction of the Committee, and are impermissibly vague, overbroad, and burdensome,” Greenpeace and 350.org wrote to Texas Republican Rep. Lamar Smith, the chairman of the House science committee.

Environmentalists are reacting to previous letters sent to them by Smith and his colleagues, asking activists to voluntarily turn over communications regarding state attorneys general investigations into Exxon’s global warming stance.

Last week, Smith threatened to use his committee’s subpoena power to compel Greenpeace, 350.org and other environmental groups to turn over documents related to the Exxon probe. Smith also requested documents from state AG offices investigating Exxon.

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    Run and gun eco pretenders are naturally going to be indignant when someone starts peeing in their cornflakes and rolls are reversed . If the” AG’s for clean power ” worked with others to coordinate attacks against people(people includes companies and organizations ) then the RICO law is something they will become even better acquainted with . Exxon may have cut a deal to get the AG’s witch hunt of some dropped (deferred ) but the ring leaders of this attempt to silence and intimidate are going to be held to account for any assault on freedom of speech and expression
    individually or as a group .
    What are AG’s doing acting to promote an industry that has ripped off tax payers for $$billions in grants and loan guarantees in the past several years ? (More to follow ) Have any of these AG’s received “donations ” from such failed ” renewables” ?

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