Activists Tell Scientists To Download Climate Change Data Before Trump Deletes It

Environmental activists are afraid the Trump administration will alter or delete data sets scientists use to track global warming after the president-elect takes control in January.

The accusation, first reported by Mashable, has gotten at least one climate scientist to create a list of climate data sets his colleagues don’t want to see deleted.

The genesis of such fears seems to have been a Mashable article published Saturday, citing Michael Halpern, an activist with the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Mashable reported the Trump administration asked the Department of Energy for a list of websites “maintained by or contributed to by laboratory staff during work hours for the past three years,” according to a transition team memo leaked to Bloomberg.

Mashable’s Andrew Freedman wrote it’s “unclear what that question is for, but it raises the possibility that websites dedicated to climate change, including data sets from Oak Ridge and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, could be taken offline.”

“Scientific information provided by the government is critical to the work of university researchers, state governments, and countless others,” Halpern told Mashable. “During the Bush Administration, government scientific websites were altered or disappeared completely.”

Halpern then called on anyone “who relies on publicly available federal government research and information should take steps to ensure that they download what they need before the new administration steps in.”

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    Simon Ruszczak


    They won’t need to protect the data produced before 2009, climategate. . They’re too late, that’s already been deleted/adjusted by themselves.

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    Funny how the election losers jump from one boogie mann to another .
    Recount ballots gets Trump more votes . Now , down load false data from NASA date fudgers and others . No worries they will get their day in court, so yes by all means don’t delete the evidence . Trump has bigger issues to work on the falsification of
    manipulated climate data . The clean records are all ready saved elsewhere in any event .
    NASA is out of the temperature manipulation business in less than 2 months and any NASA employee that deletes or facilitates the deletion of records is going to be held to account .

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    I would be more concerned about the files they are deleting.

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