5 Deeply Regressive Policies Of The Modern Green Movement

sierraThe Sierra Club published a 37-page report this week attacking presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump for his “regressive” views on global warming. The Daily Caller News Foundation decided to examine the five most regressive policies environmentalists have promoted.

Policies promoted by The Sierra Club and environmentalist organizations are often at odds with other traditionally progressive ideas and frequently end up doing the most harm to the poor since raising prices and environmental regulations impact low-income individuals far more than the wealthy.

Vehement Opposition To Immigration

Many green groups believe all environmental problems are directly caused by there being too many humans and many have long opposed immigration on environmental grounds.

“Population growth puts pressure on the environment, accelerates deforestation and increases our dependence on fossil fuels,” Progressive for Immigration Reform claimed in its 2014 Earth Day message. “Today, 80 percent of our population growth is spurred by immigration. While conservation is important, efforts to reduce our environmental impact must include stabilizing immigration.”

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