Sierra Club Sues Energy Companies Over Fracking Earthquakes

frackingThe Sierra Club filed a lawsuit Tuesday alleging three energy companies increased the risk of a damaging earthquakes in Oklahoma and Kansas by using hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, and disposing fracking wastewater underground.

“These quakes have toppled historic towers, caused parts of houses to fall and injure people, cracked basements and shattered nerves,” state the court filings. “As shown on Figure 1 attached to this complaint, the number of earthquakes in Oklahoma has increased more than 300 fold, from a maximum of 167 before 2009 to 5,838 in 2015.”

The Sierra Club’s legal filing states that it wants a judge to reduce the amount of fracking in both states and force energy companies to pay for “reinforce[ment of] vulnerable structures that current forecasts indicate could be impacted by large magnitude earthquakes during the interim period.”

The Sierra Club doesn’t state that the increase in earthquakes is tied to fracking or wastewater disposal. In fact, the amount of fracking in both states has been greatly reduced over the past year due to low energy prices. The lawsuit closely follows a moderately strong Saturday earthquake in Oklahoma.

However, the scientific consensus has long been that fracking doesn’t cause damaging earthquakes.

“Hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as ‘fracking’, does not appear to be linked to the increased rate of magnitude 3 and larger earthquakes” states the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

Earthquakes are measured on a logarithmic scale, and the difference between whole numbers on the scale is huge. A 9.0 quake can devastate a country, while a 3.0 quake generally cannot be felt except under extremely specific and very rare conditions. An earthquake that measures 3.0 on the Richter scale releases 31 times the energy of a 2.0 quake and has a shaking amplitude 10 times smaller than that of a 3.0 quake.

The kind of earthquakes that fracking might cause are orders of magnitude weaker than the kinds of quakes which could do the damages alleged by The Sierra Club. Fracking earthquake myths from environmentalists are so widespread that USGS actually maintains a “Myths and Misconceptions” section of its website to debunk them.

The USGS does list wastewater disposal as a “contributing factor”   to moderate Oklahoma earthquakes. However, these kinds are quakes are generally to weak to do any damage and orders of magnitude weaker than a serious earthquake. Additionally, less than 1 percent of wastewater injection wells are linked to earthquakes of any kind.

Despite this, fracking companies have begun purifying the water used in fracking so it can be reused or discharged to assuage fears.

The Sierra Club has a long history of being opposing the scientific consensus about fracking. The group’s website claims that “fracking has contaminated the drinking water of hundreds of thousands of Americans” despite contradictory research done by regulatory bodiesacademics and even the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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    Post hoc ergo propter hoc !

    Hey, it’s obvious that all these microscopic earthquakes are caused by O’Bama playing too much golf .

    Why doesn’t he stay home and behead his westernized daughters instead ?

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    what standing does Sierra Club have in OK? isn’t it a CA company? how can it have injury from earthquakes 1500 miles distant?

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    Sierra club needs to restore it’s image after looking foolish , at the Senate committee meeting . Dragging out the same old chestnuts and staring in stunned silence when asked questions until somebody from a rear row chirped into the spokesperson’s ear .

    If buildings were “toppling ” I would think the owners and insurance companies would have something to say by now .

    Another PR stunt to prop up their fading image . Will they be flying to Oklahoma
    or driving ? Carbon neutral of course .

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    The Sierra Club, Audubon Society, National Geographic, WWF and others will probably never regain their honored and exalted status because the whole GHE and AGW and Climate Change crap will not exist in perpetuity.

    The phony façade is bound to collapse, albeit the MSM will provide any lie no matter how gargantuan to insulate the primary perpetrators from ridicule.

    That’s why it’s up to websites like this to hammer home the culpability of the liars and their defenders who have made a fortune off of this fraud and expose the politicians who made it possible.

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    B.Fox RN


    A simple working method of removing carbon from the air is planting trees. NO credits, no speeches, just effort. A tree one foot high is not much help, but they grow, taking in carbon and releasing oxygen. and…millionaires plus have a greater burden, ethically, to provide for us all. For shame, Mr. Gore. Tsk!

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