Climate scientist shows why greenhouse gases aren’t behind observed global warming

stratosphere-cloudsClimate scientist Dr. Peter L. Ward will be showcasing new research that details how the uptick in man-made greenhouse gases is too small to influence #Climate Change. Furthermore, he says not a single scientist has conclusively proven—at least to him—that greenhouse gases cause global warming. He even issued a challenge to pay $10,000 to anyone who can show man-made emissions such as carbon dioxide cause global warming. So far no one has won.

Many may recall Bill Nye, the ‘#Science’ guy, illustrating how greenhouse gases work through a tabletop experiment. In it, Nye fills one container with regular air and another with carbon dioxide (CO2) and exposes each to radiation from a sun-like heat lamp. According to greenhouse gas theory, the CO2-filled container should show a rise in temperatures, which it did. Nye ended up proving that convection, not infrared, raised the temperatures of the container. Convection has no role in climate change.

‘Right result, wrong physics’

That’s according to a paper that reproduced Nye’s experiment. The paper, published in the American Journal of Physics, used the non-greenhouse gas Argon as an experimental control gas because it has no greenhouse-gas properties, e.g., no infrared absorption. By reproducing what Nye did, even the Argon gas heated up. What Nye had proven, the authors wrote, was CO2’s convective heat transport abilities and not its infrared properties.

The authors say this is an example of how “bias” crept into the experiment and why it’s important to separate out the radiative and convective properties in these types of experiments. Other scientists have shown how the original Nye experiment, which Al Gore includes in his Climate 101 training program, was heavily doctored and Photoshopped to produce the now-discredited results.

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    Infrared radiation is just a small part of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. At the molecular level, IR causes measureable change due to stretching, rotation, repulsion between the chemical bonds, I.e. C-0 bonds and O-O repulsion et al. The rate of heating should be considered with all forms of radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum. Remember that on the other end of the visible spectrum is uv radiation which allows the outer electrons to reach excited states which is so much more in terms of energy absorption and energy release (light).
    Dear Deniar, expand your horizon and perhaps you too will see the light and beyond.

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    Steven Capozzola


    Strange when folks cite UV radiation. It’s infrared radiation (within a certain spectrum band) that CO2 “traps”–and is the primary issue at hand in the global warming debate. Notably, CO2’s heat-trapping function rapidly fades due to optical saturation. So, I suppose it’s good to distract attention from the IR issue, if one wants to claim catastrophic warming.

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    Nye likes to place bets because he is smart enough to know NOAA can deliver . It seems a bit unfair to ask a mechanical engineer to prove the global warming hypothesis when the overriding influence of natural variables reduce the effect of human generated CO2 to a rounding error on a rounding error .
    Sort of like adding water from a garden house to Niagara Falls and claiming
    the earth is going to flood if we don’t shut that hose off .
    Water is good and so is warming so why spend $$trillions on trying to control the climate when natural variables actually run the show as they have for over 4 billon years . Yes CO2 is going up , it has been higher producing fantastic vegetation and prosperity for animals and sea creatures . Only humans are stupid and arrogant enough to want to screw that up .
    Time to solve some real problems and continue to learn about our earth’s climate ,the study of which just graduated from preschool .

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      Nye couldn’t have been a very good Mechanical Engineer from his career! So it doesn’t make you wonder why he never stuck with that and is going the route he is.

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