Trump’s EPA Chief Says Obama Breached Agency Rules Just To Regulate CO2

Former EPA head Lisa Jackson in 2009

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt told House lawmakers on Thursday the Obama administration “short-shrifted” agency processes to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

Pruitt’s comments come after conservative groups petitioned him to reconsider the 2009 endangerment finding that gave EPA the power to issue global warming rules. Pruitt said there was a “breach of process” in issuing the finding.

“The work done in 2009 was accelerated by the agency,” Pruitt said in a House Committee on Energy and Commerce hearing in response to questions from Texas GOP Rep. Joe Barton.

“In fact, there was something done in 2009 that, in my estimation, was never done since and not done before that event where they took work from the UN IPCC and transported it to the agency and adopted that as the core of the finding,” Pruitt said.

At least two groups, the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) and Concerned Household Electricity Consumers Council, have filed petitions with EPA to reconsider the endangerment finding.

CEI sent a letter to Pruitt in October signed by “60 climate and health experts” asking Pruitt to respond to the group’s endangerment finding petition.

“As our petition points out, there are huge problems with the computer models on which the Endangerment Finding was based, which means our government’s climate policy rests on bad science,” Sam Kazman, CEI’s general counsel, said in a statement.

Pruitt’s comments in the hearing where the first time the EPA head spoke about the endangerment finding for months. Environmentalists oppose removing the finding, and some Republicans say tackling it would only take the focus off the policies in need of reform.

“So, there was a breach of process that occurred in 2009 that many believe was not handled the proper way, but the Mass v EPA decision and the processes that followed involved both the Bush and Obama administrations and that process was, again in 2009, short-shrifted,” Pruitt said in the hearing.

Pruitt also told Barton he planned on announcing a “red-blue team” exercise on climate science early next year. Pruitt said he wanted an open, transparent debate on global warming science.

“It hasn’t happened at the agency,” Pruitt said. “As I indicated, the agency borrowed the work product of a third party, and we need to ensure that that discussion occurred, and it occurs in a way that the American people know that an objective transparent review is taking place.”

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    Ed Reid


    The Endangerment Finding also triggered a requirement for the development and promulgation of a National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) for the “pollutants” creating the endangerment. EPA has apparently given that requirement “short shrift” as well. (It’s been 8 years since the Endangerment Finding.) EPA apparently follows the requirements of the CAA when they suit its purposes and ignore them otherwise.

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    john from Michigan


    Calling a beneficial trace gas (CO2) a pollutant is the stupidest thing the Supreme Court has ever done. The truth is that 1) CO2 is NOT a pollutant and 2) CO2 does NOT cause global warming. As scientist James Delingpole states, “Let’s get something absolutely clear about this global warming debate. Anyone at this late stage who is still on the alarmist side of the argument is either a liar, a cheat, a crook, a scamster, an incompetent, a dullard, a time-server, a charlatan or someone so monumentally stupid that they really should be banned by law from having an opinion on any subject whatsoever.
    And that’s just the scientists.”

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      How is Sick Building Syndrome
      is NOW Exacerbated by Higher Atmospheric CO2 Levels?

      Brian Donovan, Chief Scientist at McVan Aerospace. (2004-present)
      Written just now
      How is Sick Building Syndrome Exacerbated by Higher Atmospheric CO2 Levels?
      High CO2 levels have destroyed fresh air and increased the
      aches and fatigue of billions of people while impairing our brain functions.

      HVAC, (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) engineers
      consider 800 ppm indoor a sign of severe under ventilation
      and complaints of fatigue and aches seriously start at around 600 ppm.
      CO2 is one of the most common causes of Sick building syndrome.

      Supporting Information Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,
      This Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Scientific Findings Resource Bank.
      “ In studies performed in Hungary [99], subjects’ performance in proof reading
      tests, but not other tests, were significantly diminished with 4000 ppm
      and 3000 ppm CO2, relative to 600 ppm CO2.

      Subjects’ levels of satisfaction with indoor air quality also diminished
      as the CO2 concentration increased.
      In the first U.S. study [100],
      each subject completed tests of decision making performance with CO2
      concentrations of 600, 1000, and 2500 ppm.
      Carbon dioxide was increased above the baseline level of 600 ppm
      by injecting ultrapure CO2.

      The subjects’ performance on most measures of decision making performance
      was moderately and statistically significantly diminished at 1000 ppm CO2,
      relative to 600 ppm CO2. At 2500 ppm CO2,
      relative to 600 ppm, the subjects’ performance
      on most measures of decision making performance was
      highly and statistically significantly diminished.

      In a second study from the U.S. [13],
      a test of decision making performance was again used to assess
      subjects’ levels of cognitive performance.

      On average, scores on the various measures of cognitive performance
      decreased by about 15% with 945 ppm CO2 relative to 550 ppm CO2.
      With 1400 ppm CO2 relative to 550 ppm CO2, on average scores decreased by 50%.

      This is very hard for many people to believe or care about.
      They mention submariners:

      we aren’t all healthy young men in a war machine
      trained to ignore pain and discomfort.
      It’s irrelevant.

      The fatal concentration for CO2 is 50,000 ppm,
      so we’ll live,
      we’ll just suffer more and forget what fresh air was like.
      It’s worth it to help those poor coal mine owners, right?

      It was hard enough to get under 600 ppm with outdoor air at 280 ppm,
      when the air outside is at 600ppm it’s technically impossible.

      Now even in the country we are over 450 ppm.
      I have a CO2 meter in the house is it’s regularly going over 600ppm,
      and I have to open window to get to 470 ppm or so.

      In cities typical daily ppm are over 1000 ppm. indoors
      typical schools and offices go over 2000 ppm.

      We have destroyed fresh air.
      Humans evolved with co2 never going over 300 ppm.
      Humans have never seen 400 ppm co2,
      we are very sensitive the CO2 levels.

      This is a bad experiment.
      We have the highest co2 in 3–15 million years.
      We can go massively CO2 negative with solar, wind, and hydrocarbons
      from wastes as a backup and replacement for fossils in long haul,
      military, reserve generators, and chemical feed stocks.

      Solar and wind are available cheaper now (2 cents),

      ((Thanks to Competition FROM Solar, Wind, Nat.Gas…Electric Rates
      have fallen 1%, enabled by the Obama Administration))
      ((Texas is the big winner with the most wind & solar…Electric Rates
      are down by double digits in competitive markets))
      it’s been the majority of new power instills for the last 5 years,

      Solar and wind Electric has doubled ever 2 and 4 years for the last 30 years or so,
      and prices to build and prices for the electric generated has Fallen dramatically.
      As CO2 Levels have risen, Nutrient Values in the staple grains that the world is dependent upon have fallen dramatically.
      “Police: Carbon dioxide led to death in McDonald’s bathroom
      September 14, 2011 1:38 p.m. EDT
      The carbon dioxide built up to toxic levels in the bathroom
      An 80-year-old woman died after the incident September 7
      lethal dose of carbon dioxide, authorities said Wednesday….”
      “What is the LD50 value of carbon dioxide?
      The LC50 (Lethal Concentration which kills 50% of the exposed animals in 1 hour)
      is 4% for rats and 10% for humans.
      ” CO2 is heavier than air ((as concentrations increase in the air))
      so the concentration near the floor will be much higher,”
      as well as protected glades, basements and sealed rooms.
      “Higher Concentrations of CO2 in the Atmosphere increases incidents of threatening concentrations at ground levels and basements.”
      “One individual, recounting the fate of eight men and one woman who walked into a basement area where the gas had accumulated, said they “ fell down DEAD as if they had been shot.”

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        john from Michigan


        rakoo1… You don’t really believe the stuff you posted regarding CO2? When you are in your house, you’re breathing out CO2. If you have a family, they’re breathing out CO2. If you have any pets, they’re breathing out CO2. If you have any mice, they’re breathing out CO2. Yet, no one in your home has any health problems. Explain how 30-60 thousand people in an enclosed football stadium plus about a couple hundred players and support people can sit there for a couple of hours exhaling CO2 without the slightest tinge of discomfort from all that CO2. Have you ever been in a greenhouse? Growers pump 600-800 ppm of CO2 into those greenhouses to make the plants grow faster and produce larger fruit and/or flowers. I think you’re confusing CO2 with CO –Carbon Monoxide. That would meet all the situations you describe, not Carbon Dioxide, a beneficial gas.

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          I think Andrzejewski is that dumb.
          Go thru the archives of this site.
          It’s both comical and pathetic.

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        David Lewis


        Here is a re-run of the Sick Building Syndrome post. I will re-run some of my post that.

        I have bad news for you in that I’m pretty sure I have found one of your source articles.

        The first red flag is many of those involve in the research, like NASA, have a long history of climate fraud.

        The article is blaming in door levels as high as 2000 on climate change. We don’t have internal combustion engines or power plants running in doors. The only source of CO2 inside of a building is humans. If the levels are too high, blame the building’s ventilation system, not climate change.

        The article that you probably got your information from said that the carbon dioxide level in major cities can be 100 ppm higher than the surrounding country side. Your post said 600 ppm times higher.

        You made the statement that Solar and wind power are available and cheaper now. The reality is they are not cheap enough. The disaster of Germany’s energiewende proves this. Part of this disaster is the 330,000 homes that have had their power cut off because they can’t afford the bills made so high by renewable energy. If renewable energy is so cheap, why has a mandate to use more such energy increased my power rate by 15%?

        With temperatures failing to rise as predicted by the climate models, this is yet another attempt to justify the climate change agenda.

        Though the alarmists continue to search for excuses, there is no justification for forcing a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions.

        Over the course of decades hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives have been saved by mouth to mount resuscitation. We all know that is where one person exhales into the lungs of another who isn’t breathing. The carbon dioxide in the human breathe is between 40,000 and 50,000 pmm. You stated that 50,000 pmm is fatal. That can not be true and shows the reliability the other “facts” are that you presented in your post.

        The climate change movement is politically motivated with the goal of supporting agenda’s that can’t be justified on their own merit. Climate change is only the excuse. When the climate doesn’t cooperate, it is unfeasible to give up all of those hidden agendas. When it became obvious that the climate wasn’t warming as expected, the alarmists came up with increasing natural disasters happening because of higher CO2 levels. However, this turned out not to be true and even the IPCC admits these are not increasing. They also created ocean acidification as an excuse. They picked 1988, the year where the pH level was the highest level (least acid) in decades, as their base line. This guaranteed that all years would be more acid in comparison. They hid data before 1988 that didn’t support their conclusion. However, this politically motivated claim is clearly bogus. With all of this carbon dioxide, the ocean has become less acid in recent times and we are well within what is normal for the historical average.

        Now the attempt to claim people are being exposed to unhealthy levels of carbon dioxide is the latest excuse to try to force reductions in CO2. The article making these claims called for strong action to reduce emissions, clearly showing the political motivation. I wonder what will be their next excuse.

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        Rich, are you still living on the grid?

        “I have a CO2 meter in the house is it’s regularly going over 600ppm,
        and I have to open window to get to 470 ppm or so.”

        OMG! That would explain your confusion. You have a Carbon-monoxide (CO) Detector in the house. Not a CO2 Detector.

        GET OUT NOW Rich. Someone is trying to kill you.

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          Everyone has seen groups of people outside buildings, huddled together like Prairie bison, facing inward with a small cloud above them. Now I understand why. If they all exhale carbon dioxide together and stand under it, their body heat is reflected back to them. Must be toasty under 40,000 ppm CO2.

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    Spurwing Plover


    These modern day enviromentalists are trying to revert is all back to a stone age way of living in caves and worshiping the the same false gods they worship during their Earth Day Celebrations the same kind of poppycock from Ted Turner on his programs Captain Planet and the Planeteers and the poppycock from Maya Angeleou(This Birds not Caged)and junk movies like Avatar,Princess Molanoke Etc

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    The main purpose of the IPCC was to provide “scientific ” cover for a political objective . The UN admitted they needed a galvanizing external enemy to get the public to support their globalization objectives . The con artists in the oh so scary global warming fraud
    had no scientific credentials so they bought science fiction to do exactly what the EPA tried to get away with . Point to some faceless
    Un body as prof to justify the imposition of $$ billions in new regulations and added regulatory creep of green liberal socialists
    determined to ruin the country . The “models ” of potential planet fevers have since been proven to be spectacularly wrong and surprise surprise all in one direction .
    The EPA failed in a number of fronts , for example in honestly putting forward the many benefits of higher levels of CO2 and a warming planet . Even the IPCC ditched the non reproduced hockey stick as a promotional tool .
    The only “endangerment finding” is the blatant fraud and political con job being foist on a scientifically illiterate public .
    The government lied to push the agenda of grant seeking lobbyist’s and to tap a new tax vein . The UN’s objectives were
    money and power . It was an extremely well orchestrated fraud .
    Thank God for a change in direction where the public interest
    is returned . The only thing better would be the jailing of the mastermind criminals who tried to pull it off . Tens of thousands of premature fuel poverty deaths caused by a con job . It ain’t right these people just walk .

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