‘This Is A BEAST’: Winter Storm Threatens East Coast With Brutal Cold

A powerful winter storm is bearing down on the U.S. East Coast, threatening a 1,500-mile-long area with freezing weather and brutal winds.

Schools and businesses are closing, and officials are issuing warnings for cold air and brutal winds over the next two days. Officials are asking residents to stock up on supplies and prepare for possible power outages.

The storm, called Winter Storm Grayson by the Weather Channel, will bring snow to southern states on Wednesday morning. Americans living in Georgia and the Carolinas can expect anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of snow when they wake up to go to work.

By Thursday, the storm will be off the New England coast where it’s expected to dump up to a foot of snow over the region. The National Weather Service forecasts 11 inches of snow for Boston by Friday, but those numbers are subject to change.

The snowfall totals may seem small for a “bomb” winter storm. Weather.us meteorologist Ryan Maue noted while the “bomb” storm may not bring substantial snowfall, it would bring intense wind and cold air.

Mid-Atlantic states could see 3 to 6 inches of snow when Grayson hits. It’s just more bad news for residents already grappling with freezing temperatures brought on by a blast of Arctic air.

But Grayson won’t even be the end of it for the northeast. Another blast of Arctic air is expected to hit on Friday and drive temperature down even further.

Upstate New York could see temperatures plummet to 50 degrees Fahrenheit below zero on Saturday. Below zero temperatures are expected all along the Mid-Atlantic, forecasters say.

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    I hope Al Bore gets snowed in with Leonardo DiCaprio,Laurie David,David Suzuki and all the leaders of all the Eco-Wacko groups(Sierra Club,Greenpeace,EDF,NRDC,Etc)i hope Travoltas 707 skids off the runway


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