State Of The Arctic Fraud Report

Our top fake government scientists announced on Wednesday that the Arctic is melting and turning green at -25C.

Arctic turns green as sea ice melts to record low levels | The Independent

What they meant to say is that Arctic sea ice is very close to normal, and the Arctic is having the latest start to the melt season on record.

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

Arctic sea ice extent is higher than ten years ago.


The area covered by multi-year ice has more than doubled over the past decade.

2008 2017

The Arctic is very white, covered with ice, and extremely cold.

Barrow Sea Ice Webcam

EOSDIS Worldview

Greenland is blowing away all records for ice gain.

Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

Temperatures in Greenland are extremely cold, and scientists struggle to keep from being buried by snow.


Fake climate scientists have been living off government funding for decades, and feel threatened that their scam is about to end. As a result they are ramping up their lies and fraud to spectacular new levels.


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    The scary climate lies lose there effect.
    Nothing wrong with less ice unless you think the world would be better off with more .
    Apparently living on a sheet of ice isn’t Al Gore’s preferred place nor the Hollywood
    snobs hanging at Malibu whining about a big flood or other stuff between takes .
    The faster the money comes out of the scary global warming racket the quicker
    it is “solved”.
    I love the finger waving by China about USA renewed coal use . It sucks being hypocrites .

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