Spiegel Calls Recent Extreme Weather Claims “A Climate Bluff”. Data Show “No Recognizable Increase”!

rainParts of Germany have been hit hard by unusually harsh downpours, flooding and thunderstorms over the recent days, prompting some alarmist scientists to barge into TV and radio studios to announce it’s due to human-made climate worsening.

Now Spiegel science journlalist Axel Bojanowski comments on this behavior in a commentary titled: “Heavy rains in Germany: The storms and the climate bluff“.

Bojanowski tells readers that the long-term data do not support any links to climate change (let alone man) and that the recent climate doomsday headlines made with every occurring weather anomaly seem to have become “knee-jerk” reactions by German media outlets.

Bojanowski blames both the media and scientists for hyping the extreme weather events. One example he cites is Stefan Rahmstorf of the alarmist Potsdam Institute: Bojanowski writes:

Rahmstorf ‚Äì a sought-after sound-bite provider for weather catastrophes, told on TV: ‘Also in Germany it is shown that the thunderstorms-heavy rains have increased significantly.'”

But DWD national weather service data show “no trend”

The Spiegel journalist gives some examples of statistical acrobatics recently seen in the media and provided by loose scientists with the aim of producing the desired things-are-getting-worse appearance.

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