‘Quaint’ German coal mining town may be ‘sacrificed’ to UN climate agenda

World leaders, including Canadian Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, are busy at the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany pushing to phase out coal in North America and Europe – that is, when they aren’t busy lavishly celebrating themselves.

And I’ve really had pretty much I can stomach of the environmentalist self-congratulatory elitism, at least for today.

So I hopped a train out of Bonn and got as far away from the UN “hippy prom” as I could. I ended up in Luchen, Germany, home to the Garzweiler 2 lignite coal mine, where I found the other side of the coal phase-out story.

Luchen is quaint German town with a really incredible mine that remediates as it goes and creates well-paying jobs for 1,750 people.

Every single one of those jobs and the town next door will be a sacrifice to the UN climate change agenda if Catherine McKenna has her way.

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    Spurwing Plover


    To the Greens nature is a god the earth is their godess(Gaia)that they worship every April 22nd(Earthday)and communities,the unborn and skeptics are to be sacrificed just like the Incans,Aztecs and Myhans did along with the Pre Columbus Native Americans

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    David Lewis


    Hard working middle class people just are not a priority in the climate change agenda.

    However, I wouldn’t be too fast in counting Luchen out. Using renewables in energiewende has been a disaster, and the Germans are shutting down their nuclear power plants. If they are to keep the lights on and their industry going, they have to burn coal or some other fossil fuel.

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