Polar bears trap Russian meteorologists in remote Arctic circle

polar_bear_family_2Russian meteorologists are finding out just how well polar bears are doing in the harsh #Environment of the Arctic. Five scientists are trapped on a remote Russian island because of a surplus of polar bears roving around their habitat. The Lords of the Arctic have surrounded the Russian weather station and don’t appear to be leaving anytime soon. That can be a real problem if your instruments are outside and you can’t reach them.

Located a long way from Moscow, the weather station is on a remote island in the Arctic circle. The scientists have since run out of flares to scare off the ursine creatures, and it’s against Russian law to kill or shoot a polar bear unless it’s self-defense. The station chief, Vadim Plotnikov, said that without the flares there’s no other way to scare off the bears.

The Izvestia CEC weather station is located on the island Sevgidrometa in the southern part of the Kara Sea. Since the polar bears are sleeping under the station’s windows at night it’s too dangerous for the meteorologists to go out and take instrument readings. So far they’ve counted about a dozen adult bears near the station, including a female with four cubs.

Plotnikov said he’s notified his superiors about what’s happening. The Arkhangelsk weather bureau is planning on sending the stranded meteorologists pyro-cartridges to use as targeted squibs. These create small explosions that frighten off the polar bears. Their supplies come about once a month and are normally sent via cargo ship. They’ve also requested more flares to get them through the fall.

Curious creatures

August and September is when Arctic sea ice is at its lowest, and the bears are probably taking some time off to have a snack before hibernating for the winter. Most of their eating is done in the spring with the occasional meal during the summer and fall.

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