Obama imposes new fuel regs on trucks

tractor-trailer_2Big rigs and other heavy vehicles will have to cut their carbon emissions and fuel consumption 25 percent from current models under new rules announced Tuesday by the Obama administration.

The rules are the last in a suite of regulations that have been issued under President Obama’s climate change agenda.

The tractors used in tractor-trailer vehicles, delivery trucks, school buses and other vocational vehicles by 2027 are expected to cut greenhouse gas emissions emissions by 1.1 billion tons and reduce oil consumption by 84 billion gallons, compared to the first round of standards that expire in 2018. The Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Transportation and the California Air Resource Board jointly announced the regulations.

In addition, heavy-duty pick up trucks and vans must become 2.5 percent more efficient annually between model years 2021 and 2027.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy called the new standards “ambitious and achievable,” and said it’s up to the automobile sector to develop new technologies to meet the standards.

“We expect these will drive innovation as well as protect the air we breathe,” she said.

The government did not immediately release the expected costs of the standards, but said the expected $170 billion in fuel cost savings would more than outstrip the costs.

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    All the more incentive for current fleets not to purchase any newer vehicles. OTR vehicle will last quite literally millions of miles. This type of incentive will produce unwanted effects, such as fleets deciding to repair existing vehicles in order to avoid the vast expense related to the regulation.

    Face it folks OTR trucks are very limited in their ability to reduce fuel consumption at this point. The introduction of the Diesel engine was as robust a change to fuel economy as can be imagined from internal combustion. There is not much left in the bag of engineering tricks which will allow such a massive change in fuel efficiency.

    However since the government is not tied to the responsibility of achieving the OTR Truck fuel economy increase … They don’t care. They just make a statement of some arbitrary, unfounded number and drop that in the manufacturers lap.

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    There is only so much energy and no more contained in a given unit of petroleum or any distillate thereof.
    The left thinks that legislation will increase that amount.
    Similar to how they have legislated prosperity, safe streets and eradication of the drug problem.
    O’Bama doesn’t bother with legislation. He dictates.

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